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Getting into a school, non impacted programs??


Hi all, I have finished all my pre's and the TEAS test for a ASN program. Reality has hit. There aren't any schools anywhere in northern calif that I can find that aren't totally impacted. Best case scenario is looking like 2 years out. Uhhhhhh Anyway, are there schools out of Calif. that aren't impacted like this. I am willing to bite the bullet on out of state tuition, relocate, etc. if I can immediately get in. I have all A's in the sciences and a 79 on the TEAS. But with the wait lists and lotteries this doesn't seem to matter.

So do any of you know of any schools(AS), anywhere, that aren't impacted?

Montgomery College in Silver Spring MD doesn't have waitlists. Not to say its not flush with candidates, you really have to be an all-star to get into any public school here in MD, but if your grades outside of the sciences are A's strong A's your sciences you'll be ok.

So glad I moved from CA to MD for Nursing Pre-Reqs, I may have paid 7 times the cost per credit hour (22 vs 140) but the fact that state schools choose merit over want paid dividends.

My school, Georgia Perimeter College does not have a waitlist. However, extremely competitive due to the massive number of applicants each semester. If you have As in A&P, no withdrawals or repeats and a decent teas score, you should be a competitive candidate. 79 on TEAS V is decent here because your GPA counts a lot more than your TEAS score.