Getting ready to take NCLEX


Hello everyone I am currently getting ready to take my Nckex RN and I have been getting some emails on tips on how to succeed. Ok listen up first of all you are a nurse and no matter what we have to stick together and help each other.

To be success on passing the predictor and Nckex we have to remember trying to study is irrelevant because how can we study for something we don't know what kind of material is going to be on. So with that said you should be reviewing what you already know and brushing up on the subjects you are weak. Then test taking strategies is a must I use Saunders and Kaplan because fit me is more on bein confident and it helps me not question myself. Then I do a lot of Nckex tests style using any

source because if you can answer any question it doesn't matter where the source was from. Also avoid answering any question on work related experience because the book answer has nothing to do with real world. Always use the ABC's then Maslow and remember keep your patient alive and safe. When you are answering questions try to reword the questions and using your reworded question try to answer it with the provided choices. Lastly don't overwhelm yourself the day before don't study just relax and enjoy yourself I usually listen to Motzart or some kind of symphony to help me relax.

Good luck future nurses you guys can do we got this.