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Does anyone have any cool tips on how to get ready for a procedure in a pt's room? For example, say you're looking at the kardex and Mr. Jones needs a dressing change at 4:00. If you're not quite sure of all the supplies you need to bring in, what do you refer to? Do you have a nursing procedures pocket guide? A set of index cards that you personally wrote up and keep in your pocket? Just wondering if there are any great ways to get through these things smoooooothly without having to look like a dummy at the bedside with your instructor glaring at you over her bifocals if you forgot something!!


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the md's orders should specify. kardex aren't necessarily up-dated as they were intended. after you have searched for yourself and to no avail, ask.

depending where you work, there are standing orders for various wound care procedures.

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When in doubt, check the Policies and Procedures manual! :)

Alot of the times if it is a dressing chg that is done frequently most of the supplies might be in the room with the patient.......:cool:

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