Getting overwhelmed studying for NCLEX


Hello everyone, im currently waiting on my ATT before I can get a schedule for my NCLEX but Im currently planning to sit for the test late July or early August. That leaves me about 2 months to study. I have barely studied yet and just answer questions most of the time, and I tend to jump from on topic to the next without thoroughly going through each diseases or meds.

I have NCLEX mastery and just came across UWORLD (still considering if I should subscribe to this or not). I also have the Saunders Comp Review 6th edition. I also have audio lectures on my phone from Feuer which my friend shared with me years ago. Are these enough?

Currently NCLEX mastery shows 66%. What percentage should be my goal?

When I read Saunders, i get overwhelmed with the amount of information i need to go through. I graduated 2006 and its been a while now since I last took a major nursing exam like this. I work and i live alone, so now its not the same as studying for the board exam I took in my home country, where all I had to focus on was preparing for the test and did not have to worry about working or even prepare meals for myself.

Im just scared and stressed, and barely get any studying done especially after work because I come home tired everyday and have to do chores.

I dont know where to start or how to organize topics or plan my study time. Can anyone share any pointers or topics to focus on for the test.

im just in distress. Help :(


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You have 2 months, which is a good amount of time to study. I would start doing some content review with about 30-50 questions a day, as you come down to a month before the exam, start doing more questions (aim to do 75-100q per day) with some full-length tests during the weekends/days off.

I'm not sure about Saunders. I used Kaplan for content review, but I supplemented it a lot with various online resources. Honestly, the best thing to do is doing the research into making a plan yourself rather than rely on someone else's plan. It'll help you better understand the exam and study more efficiently . Learn the different components of the exam and use your content review resource to create your plan.

Definitely invest in Uwold, it's such a useful resource! Remember, the questions can be tougher.

I studied while working full-time. I was tired at first but I just gave myself some time to relax when I got home and then took several breaks while studying.


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Hi pinbored did you pass?


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Did you pass?