Get Out While You Can

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I was an ER nurse for 30 years, retired 2019. So glad I did. I am just starting a year of travel.


gere7404, BSN, RN

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I like my job but I think after 30 years I’d be done, too. 


FiremedicMike, RN, EMT-P

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<shrug>. I started my orientation in the ED today..



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Dear Mr Medic

I saw a few medics go to nursing school and become nurses in our ER, mostly because the pay was better. 

You already have a lot of skills but being a nurse is different. It’s a lot more complicated in that there are so many different scenarios a nurse deals with. 

My advice: Be humble. Don’t assume because you were a medic, you got this *** down. You don’t. Your coworkers have a lot to teach you. 

ER nurses love medics. You will get along great and make more money !

Good luck