why can't we all get along??

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:o :o Just a question, as I am new to this discussion board? We all had to come into this profession because of more than a paycheck, so why can't we get along better with each other than we do???

Leave the question just as is, just looking for more insight. Or is it just me?:confused: :confused:

:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:


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Hi Micro !! Yes i so agree with that.I started a thread in the L.P.N. corner entitled A LETTER TO ALL NURSES on that axact same subject.I didn't think replys were necessary, but from the ones i did receive my effort was useless.I refuse to be goaded into a flame situation. VISIT MY WEBSITE


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I don't know why we all can't get along. Nursing is famous for "eating their young", stabbing each other in the back, and never banded together. You see firefighters and police officers working together and supporting each other. If a firefighter gets hurt, his co-workers rally together to help. The same thing goes for police officers. What happens when a nurse gets hurt? NOTHING!!!


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Some days are diamonds, others are coal.

I think this is all in your perspective.

I think some of us are just better at banding together than others. I have worked with some really wonderful nurses, and some real stinkers.

What makes my day is when the CNAs that I am working with, and the other nurse I work with says, "OH, we are SOOOOO glad to see you! We didn't really feel up to coping with so-and-so today."

That makes me feel really good, and I am JUST an AGENCY nurse.

Says it all for me.



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nur20-- kc was not rude--just stated her opinion. she did not attack you or your opinion. you were the one who came back with attitude. guess that explains why you deleted it.


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Sorry, nur20, but I agree with tiger. Kc wasn't rude, just stated that she enjoys the diversity of opinion on this board. It was you who came back with a nasty reply insinuating that Kc is "mean vicious, and insensitive to your fellow beings". It is too bad you felt the need to post that, because your original post was very good and made a lot of sense.

I honestly think you owe Kc an apology for your rude and thoughtless remark.


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i'm so glad someone else read the post and threads before it was deleted. i was afraid i was going to be made the bad guy here. i don't try to cause a problem but when i see someone manipulating someones opinion i feel the need to respond. peace to all. j


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Thank you everyone.

See, now isn't this a perfect example of nurses banding together?? I LOVE YOU GUYS!!:D


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It is truly amazing how misunderstandings come about #1. I was not addressing her personally,#2. My post is not deleted. I placed it under the GENERAL NURSNG DISCUSSION, which is where it should have been,but mistake on my part. Thanks for your replys

micro, RN

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:rolleyes: :rolleyes:

so glad that i found this site. you guys sound great!!!!! thanks for the replies.

yes, it is in your perspective. i get great kudos when a cna or another nurse says thanks even for the little things. i get great kudos when a patient or their family say that i go the extra mile.

since we work in such a stress-free environment(ha!ha!), why can't we all get along!!!!!

;) ;) ;)


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Hi, Micro.

It's me!!!

You are right and we are not alone. Why can't we all get along? Because nurses and people in general have a tendency not to listen to each other. Maybe there aren't any answers and it won't ever change, but it is so theraputic to be able to talk about it and know that someone out there understands. You were right, this site is a blast.

micro, RN

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:D :D :D :D

Hey, VAC

Is it you!!!!!!

We are not alone!!!!!!!

Hey everyone!!!!!!!

Hi for now!!!!!

gotta hit the sack so can have more of our nursing fun tomorrow!!!!

;) ;) ;) :D :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

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