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Hi, I just want to throw this out to the board. I am an RN and work in ltc in FL. I work on the 3 to 11 shift. We have a new nurse to our facility who works 11-7 and follows me. The other night was crazier than usual, and to make a long story short she complained to the 7-3 nurse that I just handed her stuff to do. Not true and the 7 to 3 nurse knows that. Anyways, I feel like I am being followed by the gestapo. She even twisted it around when I asked her if she was on the next night, she wasnt and I said good for you. She ASSUMED it was something like "good Im glad you arent on"!!!! well i needed to vent, how have others dealt with someone like this??? i want to remain professional and nip this in the bud Thanks

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Well obviously she knows how people feel about her.. We all have them, a little insecurity on their part, a little truth.

Yes your'e right - a bit insecure also maybe covering herself because she knows she does not pull her weight, or has something to hide perhaps?

You could try one of the following.

"Why do you say that?"

"I am glad you are forgiving of my bluntness, thanks for not being offended!"

"I wasn't rude to you the other night was I? My PMT sometimes gets out of hand."

"Thanks for being blunt back to me!" "I need that sometimes."

"Sorry if I was a bit blunt, doesn't this place get to you too after a full shift!"

"I know just how you feel, I feel the same way sometimes, maybe I need a holiday - how about you?"

"Is there something wrong?"

"I could not sleep all night worrying that you may have misunderstood me, I am glad you do not have the intollerance that some of the others here have. Have a good time off/have a good shift."

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I worked with her evil twin sister!!!!

She was a new grad that new everything, how to manage everything, just the devil in scrubs.

Document everything. The NA was in tears that worked with her. Super nurse didn't like her phoning home at 0600 to wake her kids "there are things to do around here"

I worked the same shift as you and I guess we just sat around all night and let the residents put themselves to bed...

Major brownnosing to managment team as well. She was the golden girl until we discovered that she was refusing to give prn meds over night, and also she started to "document my shifts mistakes" One of our wonderers would get up during the night and rearrange his clothes for the morning, he'd been doing it for years, but she felt that the rooms should remain tidy overnight!? Yup kept pictures on her cell phone. Violation of confidentiality right there. We had the union steward to into management and discuss her behaviours.

My favourite was document a wound as infected when it was sloughing present that she mistook for pus/drainage.. Ever had to explain the difference on a shift change?

Your nurse might just be very new and insecure. She just feels that she has to stamp her routine on to everybody because she's new and her way has got to be better. Be thankful she's not a dog and peeing on the unit to mark her turf...:rotfl:

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I think we've all worked with someone like her. I had one nurse who had never worked any place else. She walked down the hall and told me that the patient's abdominal wound had dehisced(SP?). I flew down the hall grabbing gauze and normal saline along the way. When I got to the room, I looked at the suture line...ONE staple had wriggled its way out and the wound was open the tiniest bit. She had never seen a real wound dehiscence...I had....she was unbelievable ...used to try to "catch" her co-workers making mistakes....we all cheered when she left


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I worked with one of her evil cousins. When I was a new grad she would always find something wrong with my report. She would in her loud obnoxious voice berate me right at the nurses station in front of all of my peers. She was never professional enough to take me aside. I would go to the gym afterwards and work off my frustration. Apparently from other older nurses that know her, part of the problem is my gender, I guess she feels threatened by men. Anyway, I no longer work in her department, but stayed Per Diem in case they needed help or I needed the extra money. She called me to work the other day, and I started laughing. I just couldn't help myself. Of all people to call me, that was the one person I would never have worked for. She was a little taken aback by my laughter, but it was worth it.

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