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German nurse wanna work in the US

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Hello everybody

I am a nurse here in Germany, educated here as well. My husband is in the military and American and we will move to the US by the end of 2010. Of course I do wanna work there so I started the CGFNS CES evaluation course by course report. It's a pain. I sent them all the necessary papers, so did my nursing school and the the german official office which issued my diploma. But CGFNS keeps coming back to me and is telling me that transcripts are missing, that papers are not filled out fully. So I let it do again and they find something else that is not right. So before everything is not as they want it they don't start evaluating of course. By now my motivation went down to "0" and I wonder if ther is maybe a school programm which I could take as a foreign educated nurse to become a RN or at least a LPN.cause I'm willing to go back to school

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Hi and welcome

Would be a shame not to use your already acceptable qualification. One suggestion would be get your nursing school to resend the document but you pay for it to be FedEx or UPS and signed for at the US end. Therefore the responsibility lies with them as you have documented proof that they received it. They are a pain with documentation and do loose stuff but I found sending things registered (I used FedEx) things did run a bit smoother

I now exactly were you are right now. It took me almost a year to get my CGFNS report and the ATT. Since we have a complete different school system it is not that easy to fill out the applications.

Don't go with LPN, do your NCLEX and get your RN degree. It will be 'easier' to find a job as a RN.

You don't need a school to get your degree, just do the test. Kaplan helped me with that.

Good luck!

I really don't know how to go on right now. They wont accept my transcript cause it doesn't list all the fields. It has just the three parts from the final exam for the writing exam the practical and the speaking part of it. and my school principal filled out the form together with me the second time cause she doesn't speek no English and they keep telling me that it is wrong. Plus it costs me money everytime to have my transcript translated in the same way or send the same stuff again and again. This goes on for more than 5 months now and i"m about to give up. How did Kaplan help you?


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So have they told you what exactly is missing, have you phoned them? I don't know if the form they want has changed, but it used to be just the general areas of nursing divided in theory and practice hours, a good estimate is allowed.

Some hours are a must according to german nursing law, so if the school does not know the exact number I would use those.

When you filled out the form, have you filled out everything?

I had problems too, and it took some faxes and letters to clarify things, but my problems was my postgrad course, since they didn't understand, that that was a specialized course. But in the end I succeeded, and now I'm not even using it, lol


I remember I did the same thing and translated all of my transcripts, after I sent it to CGFNS per express I found out there are not interested in the grads at all. They only want to know your credits. Since we don't have credits, I sent my hours.

Your school should be able to find out how many hours you did in the areas they want to know. The form is online on their Website. Some classes or practical hours have to be added up.

Hope that helped you a little.

I forgot,

Kaplan is a test preparation school. It helped me to pass the NCLEX. You could study with the program online from Germany and do the test in England. There is no test center in Germany.

Thank you all for the input. My principal sent the paper with the hours in theory and practical training plus my translated final transcript. They told me though the did not get the transcript but sent me the paperform again to fill out the hours. I phoned them to get an understanding of what's going on and the lady on the phone told me to wait and if I wouldn't here anything from them again in the next 4 weeks to send all the papers again.


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