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Geriatric Nursing!

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Do you really respect the elderly?

  1. 1. Do you really respect the elderly?

    • Do you TRY to get to know your elderly patient?
    • Do you TRY to offer true compassion, and empathy, to your elderly patient?
    • Do you LISTEN to their concerns, and worries?
    • Do you honestly TRY to genuinely care for your elderly patients?
    • Do you TRY to make a positive difference, in the lives of your elderly patients?

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:up:It's generally my pleasure, to assist our older population - those 62 years old, and older - have the BEST life possible. As you all know, nurses have to ALWAYS shoot for 100%!!! We all continuously have to ASSESS, PLAN, IMPLEMENT, AND EVALUATE, our patients. The DIFFICULT part, besides an occasional difficult working culture, having 50-60 patients, or more, to properly deal with!

SAFETY'S the prime responsibility of us all! I've made my share of blunders,...but I pick myself up, and carry on. The U.S. Army enabled me, in part, to become a male nurse. I had a doc, pa-c's, np's, guide, and teach me, too! I'm grateful, for their help/input!

I will shortly turn 64 years old,...and God-willing, I will be able to positively contribute awhile longer?!?

I had the honor, to be able to care for both my dying adopted parents. They gave me a great life!!! They instilled in me, a sense of ethics! Ethics seems to be in short supply, in this world today!!! I have my own small Professional Corporation,...St Pats Solutions, P.C. It's a Home Health Agency. I am the only employee. I'm presently taking care of a 49-year-old woman, with a dozen, or more maladies. She's compliant. She goggle's all her symptomatology, etc., too. It's unique, I realize she's only middle-aged,...however, I usually nurse the older population. My highest grade, in both LPN school, and RN school, was Peds. I march forward, to my next nursing chapter! Oh, get malpractice insurance!!!

The hardest part of nursing, besides all the computerized paperwork, is keeping your patients safe! And, every place you work at, has DIFFERENT computer software - to learn - and the specific rules to adhere to, etc. Plus, each new facility will have different IV pumps, etc., to learn how to properly use, too. It's a CONSTANT learning environment!

I've run the gamut, for the most part, in nursing. Sometimes, however, your BEST doesn't seem to be enough! I TRY to learn from all my experiences,...both good and bad!

Some co-workers are nasty,...and some are helpful! That's the human condition, I suppose?!? I've had it out, with several know-it-all supervisors,...and didn't get fired. However, my primary concern was my patients! It's also hard, at times, to keep one's cool! I have been less-than-cool, on a few situations. With all that's on the plate, of nurses, it's sometimes very difficult to be cool, calm, and collected!!! Thankfully, I know I've helped many patients. Several, over the course of 30 years, have not appreciated me. Anyways, I strive to be a POSITIVE influence on them!

I don't know if I'll ever complete the RN program?!? It will take $$$, and time, etc. Essentially, these days, LPN'S, can do the majority of RN nursing! The main difference, between the two designations, is $$$!!! Plus, the RN has greater legal responsibilities!

I have, from time-to-time, took charge, over my RN, related to her incompetence. I'd have to call the doctor, etc., to get updated orders, etc. This was all done, to protect the best interests of the patients. Most RN'S, however, have been great to work alongside!!!

I think ALL nurses deserve BETTER pay, and company paid benefits!!! Companies should also pay for our malpractice insurance, too!

Good-Luck, to all new nurses! I look forward to working alongside you! One main suggestion, though,...be you an RN, or LPN, learn from ALL seasoned nurses!!! Humility's welcome, her, too! And, we can learn from you as well! Yes, new blood is needed! There is a nursing shortage! And, I'm a baby boomer,...and a lot of us,...are retiring! In part, that's another reason to join the nursing profession,...to fill in, for all those leaving the field. I intend to TRY to stay aboard a-bit longer, God-wiling?!?

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I have always loved LTC, but had to leave this year, after 8yrs, d/t the toll on my body. 20+yrs BSN and hold a bachelors in another field as well. I love our elderly, and feel that when it comes to priorities, they are often left as last on the list. God bless you for caring for them!

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Are we as a community of nursing professionals researching/ reaching out for opportunities to use evidence based research to verify and validate the best practices/client outcomes soecific to concerns expressed about staffing ratios, level of care requirements/client acuity, and staffing mix...

yes,there have been and are time motion studies that cost out the nurse component of brick and mortar cost of services (most often nursing care is in included in total cost

yes, studies exist that verify that doctors and nurses approach healthcare from different scope of practice which works best when done in an interdisciplinary/ collaborative manner.

yes, level of care/acuity studies have been done

Have we revisited those findings

associated with the study titled - To Err is Human ?

When are we the collective nursing community going to spearhead presentation of needed research/topics /opportunities to schools that teach us, boards that license us, agencies that study/report health care data .. so that data driven decisions arr integral to staffing ratio decisions, RN/LPN/UAP (Unlicensed Assistive Personnel)staffing mix, the impact of what nurses themselves/ourselves understand/know about the difference between comprehensive and focused nursing assessment as defined in our Nurse Practice Act (NPA),

Are we aware of /reading/using Federal/State regulatory agency data ( identification of deficient practices in nursing services/citations) as supporting data to build the research questions/hypotheses?

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Is it me or is that poll just kind of off? Wouldn't it make sense that a geriatric nurse is going to do ALL of those things?

The "I have all BUT 4 college degrees" is a little odd too. I'm just really confused by this whole article.

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