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YIKES!!!!! That's about the only word I can express about this one. Got off a weekend night shift (through my agency) at a nursing home I have never been to previously. I prefer to stick to... Read More

  1. by   eddy
    Catsrule16 - I chart like a crazed madman. In fact, some nurses call me the "chart nazi" at a rural hospital I go to frequently (not exactly politically correct but what can ya do... hehe). I make it a practice to record in a notebook anything that could someday come back to haunt me, or worse tried to be turned INTO something that could haunt me. Unfortunately, there are people out there who would just as soon "screw the agency dude" than tell the truth. As a result I keep a LOT of things in my little notebook. However, it is a fine line with that too. Since there is always a possibility that my journal of sorts could get into the wrong hands regardless of how I protect it, there are things that could be misconstrued as a violation of patient confidentiality. As a result, I am still quite careful as to what I write in it. It has to be specific enough to make sense but vague enough not to go over the line. I feel somewhat uncomfortable with the thought of people I work with and around knowing I keep this. I think with some it can create a sense of mistrust, so I do all my writing when away from others.

    I would never have told the family regardless of how much I wanted to. Like I said in a previous post... not legal or ethical for many reasons.

    I have a few rules that I live by as an agency nurse:
    1. NEVER tell anyone I am insured to the gills. It'll bite you in the butt when someone else screws up and they go after mr. moneybags instead.
    2. ALWAYS keep a log of important issues that could hurt me or in this case help others down the road.
    3. NEVER go back to a place you feel endagers you in any way.
    4. ALWAYS chart like a crazed lunatic to ensure proper things are communicated to the other staff AND to cover yourself against OTHERS mistakes.
    5. ALWAYS make sure the narc count is correct before starting a med pass following someone elses shift, and count in front of someone else if and when possible. Note any errors in the count and present to a staff nurse or the nurse mgr prior to taking any other action. Charting a bad count is NOT enough!!!
    6. ALWAYS do things the right way even when some staff members do them the "easy" way. For instance, sterile techniques.... what a joke these days....
    7. ALWAYS remember the golden rule.... you know that one... (cheesy but it seems far too many know it but have forgotten it's practice).

    I know everyone is saying they are happy/proud/etc. that I reported this. However, I was only doing my job, and something I hope all of you would have chosen to do in my shoes.

    Take Care folks and hang in there!!!!
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  2. by   BBFRN
    Originally posted by Vsummer1

    They came up with the fact (don't know if it is true) that a flies entire life cycle is 3 days. Also, the maggots will only feed on necrotic flesh, not viable tissue (it is used sometimes to clean wounds...).
    Yes, but they are sterilized maggots in a controlled environment.
  3. by   GPatty
    Either way, I'm glad that you reported and facilities like this are shut down.
    Our elderly deserve alot better than they get.....
  4. by   oramar
    That dear sweet man, my knees get wobbly and my eyes tear up when I think of him. I hope the state acts on this soon but I am hearing stories of them dragging their feet. God bless you, you are one of those heroic persons who never get their picture on tv but a hero nevertheless. That DON should lose her license, she is putting the welfare of the institution over those of the patients.
  5. by   TiddlDwink
    Oh yes....... been there! I was hired as DON...

    Tried to improve conditions by increasing staffatient ratio. Was told by administrator that "THE STATE" requires only THIS many staff per number of patients. When I said that was not enough staff to adequately care for the patients, considering their acuity, I was told that's too bad!!

    I was having a problem with call-ins. Found out that when people had M.D. appts, or dental appts, they were calling in, instead of letting me know ahead of time so I could plan a replacement. I told them I would give them a sick day to use for these medical things, if they would let me know in advance. Again...administration said, "You can't do that. We don't allow staff to plan sick days. The only way they can be paid sick time is if they are sick."

    The disagreements I had with administration are too numerous to list...

    I lasted only 6 months, when I was asked to leave, which I gladly did!

    My prayer is to die before my children decide to put my a** in one of these God-forsaken h*ll-holes!

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  6. by   LPN99
    WOW!!! I too am glad to hear you reported this. Yes there are a lot of bad apples out there but I have always said that one person can make a difference and I believe you have made the differance at this place.

    I have had patients and their family members tell me that it takes a special person to do the job that nurses do and eddy I would like to say that you are one of those special ppl to not just overlook this situation like so many others obviously have.
  7. by   bigred
    Holy Cow!
    The LTC facillity I work at may not be perfect, but after reading your story Eddy,it's very close to being perfect. You are right. We as nurses need to take a stand. You are to be commended for taking the action that you did. I certainly hope that justice is done to this LTC you worked at that night. Those greedy owners need to be dealt with severely. I believe what goes around comes around. Those who are responsible for treating the residents so terribly can only pray that they do not get me for a nurse some day. I would make nurse Cratchet look lke Mother Goose!!
    Keep up the great work.
  8. by   mageean
    In the UK we have a body called The National Care Standards Commission who set and monitor the standards, both Clinical and environmental, for nursing and residential care providers. Does the same apply in US or do individual States set their own criteria.
  9. by   lisadavis
    not all nursng homes are bad. and not all nursing home nurses are idiots. let's here some good things that are going on in LTC. we that are in LTC are the ones that will make the difference, one little step at a time if necessary
  10. by   duckie
    As a LTC nurse for many years, I say, "HURRAY" to you for reporting this facility to the state and please follow up and make sure they listened. I work my tail off to render top rated care and people like this make me want to go postal!!! That DON should not only be terminated but in my book, she should loose her license because she allowed this to go on. I am very proud of the facility I work at, as a matter of fact we got a perfect rating from state last year, but people like this is why so many folks look down on LTC. Thank you for caring enough to get involved!!! God bless you!
  11. by   FrazzledRN
    Thank God that the facility I work at puts patient care before everything else, and we canstill make money doing it!! We all have the patient's well-being as first priority and everything else comes second to that. From DON to Admissions to rehab..we all feel very resposible for those residents and feel like they re part of our families Though I know that not ALL staff feels this way but I like to think that the majority do. I have been there for 7 years and I left to do med-surg for awhile but missed "my residents" and came back. I am the MDS coordinator and have an active part in their care and assist in directing that care, we know families by name and are always getting calls even in off assessment times with questions and suggestions. It horrifies me to read about things such a these listed and those poor residents who are at the mercy of a group of people who have no moals or consciece. Not only should they worry about what the State finds and cites, but I want to know how they sleep at night, knowing the poor conditions these HUMAN BEINGS are forced to endure. These are our elderly and they need our help, our kindness and our humanity. They did not ask to be put in "a home" but nonetheless they are there and need the expertise of our nursing experience and the love and care some of them do not receive from their families. These people are mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters and friends, etc. not the "big decubitus in room 214, or the "pain in the *** in room 213 who keeps pooping the bed". What happened to dignitY and common respect from one human being to another, most of us wouldn't treat our animals that way!! It really sets me off...good for you calling the State and whomever else will help!!!! Kudos!!!
  12. by   JetLPN
    EDY, what you did took courage I havre been there too in my 22 yrs of nursing,and I never regretted it, even when it came down to appearing in court. I carry my own malpractice insurance even as a LPN . Remember, its conscious that makes the very best nurse in any capacity .jetlpn
  13. by   eddy
    Thank you everyone for the support and kind words. I guess I should update you all on the progress...

    I have been contacted by several people over the course of the last month. The facility indeed tried to mess with my license as expected. The board put a quick stop to that. In fact, I spoke with the legal dept at the board and they said they will not be doing anything (off the record of course... hehe) and that they found the revenge tactics to be quite obvious and even said this leads them to question several other diversions/suspensions that have resulted from this facility in the past. They assured me I had absolutely nothing to worry about. There is a major investigation going on, and from what I have been told (the lawyers can't reveal too much yet), the facility owners may be held CRIMINALLY responsible!

    More updates as they come in.... depending on what I am allowed to say....