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I am a nurse from the philippines, came here to the US early last year. Have'nt worked here yet but recently i passed the CA licensure exam on my first try. I finished nursing school in 1990 but... Read More

  1. by   Fancy Face
    That is what I would do nindot. Don't be scared of the nursing home in the meantime, in any nursing situation (hospital too) you probably will be dealing with less-than-desirable staffing ratios at times. Goes with the territory of nursing unfortunately.
  2. by   Cmariehart
    I have a question for Capcadmermaid.... What kind of nursing home do you work at???? We have 40 pts on our unit.. 2-3 nurses and usually 3-4 CNA's not the best staffing ratio but better than most. There's nights when we have alot less. I think starting out in LTC is alot better than being tossed in a hospital on med surg and saying good luck.... I've had pts go crazy from UTI's and we have 5 rather nasty and abusive pts too but you learn how to get through things...... Isn't that part of nursing learning by experience????? In my opinion hospitals are an acquired taste, not everyone is meant to be in an ER or med/surg floor... just my 2 cents worth
  3. by   CapeCodMermaid
    We have 3 separate units..a long term, dementia, and subacute/rehab. Day shift there are supposed to be 5 CNA's on all units, 2 nurses (one does the meds, the other everything else) on the dementia and long term units, and an extra nurse on the rehab floor....those 2 nurses have 20 patients each to give meds to and do treatments on.
    Evenings...4 CNAs...1 nurse on the long term, 1 on the dementia unit and 2 on the sub acute plus a nursing supervisor who helps on all 3.
    Nights...2 CNAs each unit,and the nurse/patient ratio stays the same.
    I have no say as to how many hours of staff I get....I can only change them from shift to shift.
  4. by   traumahawk99
    the worst for me is 37 patients for meds and treatments. aides who don't have enough sense to even take accurate vital signs. it's simply impossible to handle that many patients and stay within the time limits for administering meds.