What are the Most Common Emergencies in Long-Term Care?

  1. I have been asked to put together some educational materials about how to handle common emergencies in long-term care. However, my current practice is hospital-based. Can any of you folks help me out here?

    I would like to know "What are the 5 most common emergencies in long-term care?"

    Please post, or e-mail me directly at dww@ed4nurses.com.


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  3. by   mageean
    In my experience there are many emergencies in LTC

    Heart attack
    Falls and Fractures
    self harm episodes
    and the list goes on!
  4. by   adrienurse
    Injestion of strange and foreign objects

    Bowel obstruction d/t constipation

  5. by   Shamrock
    I'd say the most common are as stated in the above two post:
    dehydration and falls/fx.
  6. by   CoffeeRTC
    What about seizures, diabetic emergencies and something along the lines of behaviors (extereme agitation/halucinations/ res to res attacks)???
  7. by   neneRN
    I only see them coming into the ER, but I'd have to say the most frequent is ALOC. It usually turns out to be pneumonia or a UTI as the cause, but I'd consider it an emergency prehospital since there's always the possibility of CVA.
  8. by   Sue RN GNC(C)
    Choking , for us, would be the #1 Emergency.. followed by resp. distress and then bleeding (ABC, get it?<G>)
    anything else would determine on a great deal of other factors.. degree of intervention, history, current status
    because we are able to give IV therapy, oxygen therapy and highly qualified nursing care we are able to treat UTI's, pneumonia, stroke etc in our facility as much as we are able..transfer to ER in an acute hospital is done only as a last resort.
  9. by   Catsrule16
    I think I answered this question in the Rehab Nursing Forum but here goes.

    As a State Surveyor, these are what I find in chart reviews as major causes for recent hospitalizations of residents in Skilled Nursing Facilities.

    Falls with injuries, COPD exacerbation, CHF exacerbation, aspiration, unstable blood sugars, new onset or extension of CVA's. Don't forget altered mental status due to UTI and Dehydration.
  10. by   Rnltc
    I have been in LTC for many years and I would have to say the most common I have seen is related to
    Blood Sugars
    Falls with injury fractures and head injuries
    Resp related conditions
    high temps with alter mental status
    The first 4 are the ones that usually get a 911 call for transportation.
  11. by   graysonret
    I've found falls usually the most common. Then temps, then resp. problems. 911'd a patient Friday with a drop in HR from 76 to 34. Couldn't get a BP at all.