We had our State inspection this past week...

  1. I work in a LTC and our window for state to come in opened up in Sept. Well this past Wed afternoon guess who popped in?? lol. I am sitting in the conference room drinking a cup of coffee and waiting for report. The administrator and DON bring in these people. We scattered to the 4 corners making sure residents rooms were as they should be. They were here for 3 days. I only had to deal with one inspector the first day. My unit manager had me take her down our hall and give brief info on each resident. Then I was off Thurs and Friday (thank you Lord!) Any hoo, we only got 2 tags and they WERE NOT nursing related!!!!! One was for housekeeping not keeping a door locked with cleaning supplies and a dirty utility room wasnt locked. I think that nursing deserves a big appreciation, considering the staff dev manager said that nursing was going to get the facility tagged. For a thank you, everyone who worked on Friday got pizza. lol. I guess it's better then nothing......

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  3. by   oramar
    Two thumbs up to the nursing staff, only two violations. That is quite an accomplishment. We got tagged for not locking a laundry shut. An a special pat on the back for you.
  4. by   TrudyRN
    I'm happy that Nursing got no tags. How was the pizza?

    I have a problem with the inspectors standing around and watching people commit violations then tagging them. I think, in the interest of patient safety, that they should intervene when they see someone about to violate. They could still tag them after preventing the violation.
  5. by   tatgirl
    lol. I was off when they brought in the pizza. This was my first inspection and I was nervous just showing the inspector around!!!!! Luckily they observed nurses with 20 plus years experience doing the med passes! Let's just say I did everything by the book while they were in the building, because you never know who maybe watching....


  6. by   Avelinne
    Congrats to you!
    I know how stressful this experience can be as I too survived a state inspection this september in a LTC and almost cr^$ped my pants . I can laugh now but it could not have been over fast enough (looking over my shoulder for 45 mins).
    Ain't nursing fun!