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Got a spanking today from my DON and am I steamed! God forbid that we run over the legal time limit for our med pass...ever......We have always been in compliance during our assorted inspections but... Read More

  1. by   griffincrew
    Handed in my resignation today for a situation that was just the opposite. I understand s**t happens, however, everyday on the same unit.... big no no. Residents getting meds consistently late. I was asked to float to a unit at 10am to complete a morning med pass, only to find out, no one had their meds yet??!!! 8 am insulins not given. I am rushing, I felt like my license was in jeopardy. Happens too much, residents are being shafted. Your situation is understandable. Hope the DON is supportive, mine asks me to do illegal things.At least yours is attempting to follow the law, but she needs to lighten up a little.