SNu staff ratios?

  1. I am working on staffing protocols at my facility, which includes a SNU unit where they do a little rehab each day. What are staff to patient ratios at your facilities? I know what's ideal, and I know what we currently do, but I'd love hard numbers for comparison. Thank you!
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  3. by   BrandonLPN
    My experience has been that LTC units have 25-30:1 ratios. Subacute/Rehab is about 16:1
  4. by   walkingon
    Worked at two different SNF before the AL I work at now and the ratios Brandon described were comparable. 19: or 20:1 where I work now.
  5. by   YUKONrn
    Last SNF I worked at I had 20 SNF in addition to 20 LTC on 7-3 shift. That being said I no longer work there LOL.