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Any of your facilities smoke free? We will be pretty soon. I'm not a smoker and am a little glad that we will be cutting down on all the breaks, but on the other side....that means no smoking for... Read More

  1. by   Texbarbie59
    Quote from michelle95
    You know, I have a problem with this. If they want to tell staff they can't smoke that's one thing...but, residents? Is it really hurting someone when they go OUTSIDE to smoke? This is ridiculous.

    Old people lose everything when they go to a home. They fit their life's posessions into a small semi-private room. They're told what they're gonna eat, when to go to bed, they have to wait on someone to take them to the bathroom...don't get to go places like they once did,....and the list goes on.

    To take their right to smoke away is overboard.

    Is that home going to take away their sweets too? What about the person that is 300+ pounds and that puts the food away?

    Utterly unbelievable and some of you are ok with that?
    I am sorry people feel that employors have the "right" to tell thier employees what they can and can not do to thier body. I am a smoker, and becouse I can not smoke and feel comfortable in many resturrants, they do not get my money. I do not eat there. As far as an employer telling me I can not smoke on MY BREAKS, I think this is comunisum, and is wrong no matter how you look at it. Even when I did not smoke, I did not ABUSE the RIGHTS of others, Employees or Residents!
    This makes me so mad for self rightoues people to JUDGE others for "bad Habits" NEXT Residents will be told what clothing they can wear and how they can wear thier hair.
  2. by   CapeCodMermaid
    TexBarbie-It's hardly the same thing. Smoking is a dangerous impacts the smoker's health and the health of those around them. Your arguement doesn't make sense. Smoking rules are not made to boss people around or take control of their lives. In a facility( and in just about EVERY restaurant and bar here in Massachusetts) smoking is not allowed because we are HEALTH care facilities and smoking is an UNHEALTHY activity.