Scared or just Chicken

  1. I am presently working in assisted living and am blown away with the techs doing so many nursing procedures, dressings, meds (Dr's orders D/Cing orders etc) I am new so I don't know what to make of it. I also didn't get any orientaton. Both my bosses are in another part of the building doing other jobs and I'm the only R.N. in the place. What am I liable for? I probably don't want the answer. Any advise would be helpful. Thanks
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  3. by   Audreyfay
    I, of course, am no expert, but if you are the charge nurse, you are responsible for those working under you. Yes, you don't want to know the answer, but I think you knew it already. :stone
  4. by   maureeno
    ask for an orientation!
  5. by   travelbug
    Yeah, I have but got no real answer, just "If you can think of something you want to know, ask me." I'm putting in my notice. Thanks for answering.
  6. by   Nurse Ratched
    I'm sorry - I hope this hasn't turned you completely off this type of nursing. In certain fields like assisted living and adult day services, you will see more utilization of techs. Unfortunately, your position of being a travel nurse puts you in a bind because the laws governing these areas vary tremendously from state to state, so it's nearly impossible to keep up with what is allowed where.

    If you are curious in the future and want to re-explore that area, ask for state regs governing assisted living from the employer. If there are none, or they are very skeletally delinieated, be wary. If your employer is unaware of them, be wary. And when in doubt, as you know, assume that you can always be held responsible for the actions of those whom you are supervising.
  7. by   travelbug
    Thanks for the advise. I got the state regulations and they were extremely vague about a nurses role in assisted living. I think I'll go back to psych travel instead of ALF. This type of work is too ambiguous for me.
  8. by   mighty mouse52
    I am an LPN and Eve supervisor at an assisted Living facility yes we do have techs that pass meds and stuff but don't take dr orders or do dressings. They also have to be certified Nurse assisstents and I don't let any pass meds until I KNOW they have passed the training and I feel they are competent. They are not under my licence but our DON. I can sure understand your concern. When I first started out I wasen't trusted to pass meds and now no one is surprised when we do. Now that medical is mostly big business shortcuts like this will be more prevelant.