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Are there any LTC nurses out there who have experienced condescending attitudes or blatant rudeness from EMTs and paramedics during the process of sending residents out to the hospital? I simply... Read More

  1. by   tkg123
    Personally, I have met many outstanding EMT's and Paramedics. I think that we would all do well to remember that we are on the same team and all serve a purpose in healthcare. No one really outranks everyone else because we all have our specialties and we all have a job to do. It is also important not to generalize. You can always blame a particular person for being rude but it is not because they are EMT's or Paramedics, it is often just because that particular person is rude. I have met plenty of rude nurses!!
  2. by   Lexxie
    Quote from tkg123
    It is also important not to generalize. You can always blame a particular person for being rude but it is not because they are EMT's or Paramedics, it is often just because that particular person is rude. I have met plenty of rude nurses!!

    So true! The people I know in EMS want the blood & guts stuff.. getting a call to transport granny to the ER for something "stupid" takes them out of service for that "good" call ..that may or may not happen anyway. Those are the EMTs/Medics that seem to be rude to LTC staff.
  3. by   lpn98
    I have been in LTC for 16 years (6 as a CNA & 10 as an LPN). It depends on the EMS team some are very nice and treat you as if you know what you are doing. But there are the others that treat you as if you don't know what you are doing. The good thing about being in LTC is that we know these patients and most of the time can tell when something is wrong with them. The cocky EMT's and paramedics don't know these people and I have reminded them of that on several occasions when they want to start questioning me. I also remind them that I have a physicians order to send them to the ER. All they have to do is come get them and drop them off. Then they are done with the whole thing.
  4. by   loveylilly
    i'm a lpn @ a nursing home and we always have a problem out of 2 emts whenever we call for them to take a resident to the hosp. it's like all of a sudden they become the doctor. for instance just yesterday i had a pt. whom i've had on my hall since he'd been there has hx of copd,chf,cad and cont to smoke like crazy...anyway he's in his doorway sweating profusely,pale,can barely catch his breath already on o2. call paramedics b/c of his present state and med. hx and the first thing the guy says is you called me for this pt. sitting on the side of the bed..i said yes i did...he had instant attitude but took him to the hosp. same emt called me back to say i'm glad you called us b/c his resp. distess was secondary to his heart problems. later he called to tell me that he's on a vent...i'm like yeah he's also in icu..he tells me oh i didnt know that you knew...i'm like yeah i keep a check on my pts. needless to say say i was p.o'd but i think i handled it quite well
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    Quote from dawnb70
    Too many times to count!!! I thought it was just where I live! Recently we had a78 year old man in respiratory distress. The ambulance arrived to transport him to the ER, received another call and then proceeded to leave to answer that call. It took them a half an hour to return to transport our resident!!! Fortunately we had been able to keep him stable until they returned. Maybe they responded to the other call because it was someone younger...who knows! I wanted to turn them in, but didn't know where to turn!! :angryfire
    Maybe they left to go work a code or a motor vehicle accident. How many ambulances does your community have available per shift? I live in a small rural town, we have two (2) ambulances on duty for schedueled as well as non-schedueled transports and 911 calls. one staffed by an EMT and a Paramedic the other by two EMT's.If the call the ambulance you called for was dispatched as more life threatening, it's a simple matter of triage. I have been a Paramedic for the last seven years and an EMT for 19 years before that. I am now beginning the ASN nursing program at a local community college. This is a two sided issue and will never go away. Perhaps ride alongs would help others (not just Long Term Care Nurses) to see things from a different perspective as well as having Skilled Nursing Facility clinical rotations included in EMS training. We all just need to remember that it is all about our patients not ourselves. Treat others how you would like to be treated and work together to take care of our patient.
  6. by   opus13
    Just to add my two cents. I've been in EMS for 18yrs and a paramedic for 12yrs and soon to be an RN. The problems I've seen are both ways, from the EMT who says " I didn't get into this to shuttle old people" to the nurse who says "you just need to take the pt to the hospital, you don't need to know whats wrong with the pt." Both points of view are very wrong.
    I would like to know what kind of ems systems give ltc nurses the most problems (volunteer, fire based, municipal or private commercial), I have noticed over the years that the only ones that really get it are the emt's and paramedics that work for a paid service (commercial) that does both 911 and non emergent calls. Too many people want to be the hero and don't understand that transporting scared grandma to her MD appointment or Nursing facility with caring and compassion makes you a hero to the pt and their family. Ems professionals realize that the are part of healthcare not just an emergency service. There are also people who get into nursing for the "always have a job reason" I know a few. The ignorance both ways while unintentional is staggering part of it is that in every textbook EMS is left out of the definition of the healthcare team (something I find very insulting).
    Now in the EMS community doing alot of routine calls ie transfers is not why most of us got into EMS myself included, but over the years I've found that leaving the pt and family with a good feeling and hopefully keeping the pt stable or improving the pt's condition is what it is all about. Treating injuries is a very important but small part.

    Now any nurse in the Bridgeport, CT area that wants to do a ride along in a high volume system drop me a line, all are welcome.
    Karl Emt-P
  7. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from Soon2BNurse
    I just had to post after I read the first post and apologize if I missed something.. The OP is in Fort Worth.. well, my husband works for the EMT service for FW and I am sorry that some/most of them are rude. I just thought it was interesting that you brought this up and that there might be a chance that he has been to your LTC!
    Well, I work at one of the larger LTCFs in the Southwest part of the city. It is a 200-bed skilled nursing facility, so there's a decent chance that your spouse has been to my workplace at one time or another.
  8. by   TheCommuter
    ADDENDUM: I recently sent a patient out to the hospital. This patient had been lethargic all day with an irregular apical pulse of 140, and a recent xray report that was indicative of pneumonia.

    The paramedics and EMTs arrive, mildly annoyed that they had to drive to our facility with a full lights and sirens response for an 80-year-old man. I had the paperwork ready, and I had complete answers to all of their questions. The female paramedic says to the man, "You look fine to me." She also call the patient's daughter on the cell phone, and seemed shocked that I had notified the family of the impending transport. She proceeds to tell the family, "He looks fine to me, and he might even return to the nursing home tonight or tomorrow."

    My patient was very ill, and remained hospitalized for over 1 week. I do not appreciate the cocky EMS workers who predict that the patient will be sent right back to the nursing home.
  9. by   loveylilly
    i live in a small area too, but when we call for the emts who are right next door we do give a report on whats going on with pt. i always try to be courteous but with some (not all) of the emts its as though they want to say you know nothing and i know it all...i left out that he said he is glad that my pt. had me as a nurse. i suppose thats his way of apologizing..i acceptrdnrs:
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  10. by   P_RN
    I'm glad he had you as his Nurse too.
  11. by   txspadequeenRN
    i have worked in ft worth all my nursing career except for the last year. i guarantee you i have run into the person at some point in time (small world). i should have kept a journal of the ego's i have ran into from the local ems service...i had one once spend so much time praising himself:bowingpur i had to tell him to get out and take the patient to the hospital before she died...:scrm:

    Quote from soon2bnurse
    i just had to post after i read the first post and apologize if i missed something.. the op is in fort worth.. well, my husband works for the emt service for fw and i am sorry that some/most of them are rude. i just thought it was interesting that you brought this up and that there might be a chance that he has been to your ltc!
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  12. by   deleern
    I Called for a "routine Transport... No lights" the Emt came in I was on the phone with family. and sent the LpN to help transfer the pt to the gurny. The LPN and the CNA all came up and told me that that "guy" was made .... He never gets told any thing.

    I went down and walked into the room and asked what is the Problem. He said he is never told anything... I said there is nothing to tell.... this pt is routine transport and you are to bring him to the hospital... Where the MD will Diagnos and Treat. then i just stood there. and he just quietly loaded the pt. up i handed him the Trasfer papers. and he left...
  13. by   danh3190
    Quote from leeae85
    That's the way I feel, I work the same hall every time I work, half of my patients have been there the whole time i have (15 months) so if i see a total change in their behavior, wether or not vitals are off, and the on call md says send them, I send them. Then a couple of cocky jerks show up and look at me like i have 2 heads! i sent one little lady out because she was calm and quiet, and her baseline was kicking and screaming. she wasn't complaining of anything, but just seemed off. EMT shows up, GRILLS me up and down. turns out, she was almost uroseptic! i dont know everything, but i know my residents!
    I'm a paramedic who's done a lot of nursing home calls over the last 27 years. I hope the nurses don't think I'm grilling them when I ask a bunch of questions, but when I turn up in the ER with a patient and can't answer the ER nurse's questions, I feel like a stupid idiot. So I take a couple moments to try to ask the nurse questions to get me up to speed. After all they may have been with the patient 15 months, but I've only been there a couple minutes. So while watching what my EMT is doing and trying to figure out what if anything I need to be doing, I am trying to cram as much background info into my feeble brain as I can in the couple minutes I have. I'm not being rude, but I do feel rushed and often confused.

    I have witnessed very rude behavior toward the nurses by some paramedics and EMTs and am mortified when I do. I try to talk with my cocky partners, but there's not much I can do beyond that. Some medics seem to believe that their 18 months or so of part-time community college education makes them hot stuff. If a medic is really outrageous, the LTC facility could probably lodge a complaint with the ambulance service manager AND the ambulance service's medical director. Enough complaints start piling up about certain individuals and something may be done.