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  1. Hi everyone!

    I'm an RN and I have been offered an opportunity to fly as a companion with an elderly resident. His family is transferring him to a LTC center out of state and asked me to fly with along with him. He is stable and there are no apparent acute health issues to be concerned with.

    His family will be paying for my round trip flight. My heart tells me not to charge for my time--after all, they're paying enough for both tickets! However, they insist to pay me for my time.

    From the time I leave my house to the time I return home, it should be just over 14 hours in all.

    Has anyone had experience with this? Any suggestions on how much I should charge?

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you!
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  3. by   RNewbie
    Why wouldn't you charge them for your services? I would charge around whatever your normal hourly rate is or what you would normally make per shift at work. The only way I wouldn't consider charging is if I was being flown to a nice destination that I've been wanting to go and end up staying a day or two getting a free vacation out of it.
  4. by   amoLucia
    You may have this already covered, but just consider your malpractice insurance for private duty. It's for 'just in case' ....
  5. by   AngieBoBangie
    RNewbie - The social worker that set this up asked me the same thing, and wondered whether or not I felt my time was valuable. I do, of course, but I guess I was looking at it as a favor more so than anything. I do know that regular transportation services/companies would charge a great deal of money for something like this; I also know that any payment I have in mind will be a lot less than their rates which will be most appreciated by the family I'm sure. Guess I have to put my thinking cap on! Thanks!

    amoLucia - I didn't think of that but as soon as I read your message I contacted the social worker to let her know that I currently do not hold any sort of malpractice insurance. Something to consider - thanks!
  6. by   nurseprnRN
    Get your malpractice coverage-- you can get it stat via any licensed insurance agent. They can bind it with a quick check and you're all set.
    Then consider that flight nurses generally get paid between $100-200/hour. Cut that in half if you feel guilty and you still have a nice little chunk of change for holiday shopping.
  7. by   amoLucia
    GrnTea said what I forgot - get your own malpractice insurance coverage!!! The fact that your SW suggested you transport the pt DOES NOT make you an employee of the hospital should a problem arise. You'd be be left high & dry. Nobody will go out on a limb for you when a lawsuit looms, although the situation sounds safe.

    And you SHOULD charge something for your time - even if it's just your basic hourly wage. Just to keep it professionally workrelated.

    Enjoy the trip!