Risk Managers

  1. Are there any LTC Risk Managers on here?

    I've been filling in for our facility. Right now I'm self-taught. I've skimmed our intranet and tried to pull up all info in the RM tab.

    How are you tracking your events (incidents)? Do you have a program or spreadsheet?
    There seems to be little info provided by our company.

    Right now I've been reviewing the event report and any witness statements (hunting them down if they were not done), reviewing the nurse's notes, checking orders and care plans. With this, they have an analysis form. It asks for a description of what happened, the cause, the immediate action or intervention that was taken and then any follow-up actions.

    Are there any resources for RM in LTC? Groups or organizations?
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  3. by   HyzenthlayLPN
    The LTC/SNF company I worked for tracked incidents on a board in the DONs office. I do not know if the Risk Managers also had their own tracking system (they barely had an office).
  4. by   CoffeeRTC
    I miss being a part of a big company. We had programs for everything. I'm sure I can come up with a spreadsheet of some sorts but just didn't want to re-invent the wheel.
  5. by   CapeCodMermaid
    Check on line. I stole a Falls excel spreadsheet that's excellent. I think you could modify it to make one for skin tears or other incidents