Resident Emergency

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  2. Im a nursing student.Can someone give me tips on what one would do initially in the following scenarios in the nursing home environment(doing rotation in nursing home)?

    1.The resident says shes having a pain in her chest.

    2.The resident complains of respiratory distress(visible)?

    3.The resident is not moving but is still alive(breathing)?

    4.The resident claims to have severe pain despite being medicated with narcotics.

    Thank you in advance im a Nursing student ,but also a computer digital artist(amateur).
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  4. by   kids
    I do not want to come across as being unkind to a student but your post/questions look like an assignment.

    Rather than our simply answering your questions, please tell us what YOU think should be done in each of the senerios you have given and we can contribute from there.
  5. by   RUNEMASTER
    people like you ruin forums.Please i am simply dicussing things. Do not demand anything of gone.
  6. by   RUNEMASTER
    I dont like crabby people who own stinky cats! ok everyone got repelled by the cat lady going off to find another forum thanks.Cyas.
  7. by   kids
    Originally posted by RUNEMASTER
    people like you ruin forums.Please i am simply dicussing things. Do not demand anything of gone.
    A discussion involves an exchange of information on both sides.

    The members of this bb have the *right* to demand your input before helping you with your homework.

    The rest I will take to PM.
  8. by   itsme
    Wow! Well, to answer the questions, it depends on each situation, and the residents code status and whether or not they are comfort cares etc. there are alot of different answers that could be right. P.S. Kids-r-fun, I dont think you ruin anything, I enjoy reading your posts!! My dog sometimes stinks too!! and sometimes I am crabby, so would I be a crabby person who owns a stinky cat!!!!!!! LOL
  9. by   itsme
    OOPS!! not a stinky cat!! I have no cat!! I have a stinky dog!!!!!!!!!!
  10. by   BadBird
    Wow Run, you see a bit harsh! Kids r fun has a right to ask questions just like you do. Now, getting back to your question, I am guessing that you are a new student, you have a lot to learn and by reading your question it would appear that you did not do your required reading, now, before you get your panties in a bunch, go read your required material and if you still don't know, post again. Use common sense when you think of the answers, what would you do? what is the rationale? Good luck with school.

    By the way, I am not crabby or stinky!
  11. by   eltrip
    Originally posted by RUNEMASTER
    I dont like crabby people who own stinky cats! ok everyone got repelled by the cat lady going off to find another forum thanks.Cyas.
    I am unclear about who left the forum due to the grammar & punctuation of this statement. Please clairfy.

    And, FYI, kids-r-fun is not crabby. Calm down, take a deep breath, & try to relax.
  12. by   Jeepnurse
    Your question should inclued your ideas and what you did and I agree with the above statements made however I will attempt to help.
    All should know 9 month old nurse

    #1 Code Status
    #2 Hx of chest pain or resp distress
    #3 PT "c/o pain unrelieved by narcotics" where is the pain
    #3 page RT what are Pt's sats
    #4 Is the pain reproducible?
    #5 Check med sheets (is nitro there?)
    #6 IF pain is in chest, stats are below normal limits, the pain is not reproducible and there is not Hx of this nor and order for Nitro. Contact charge nurse and contact Md.

    If this it wrong then PLEASE override my statements. Simpley put the is what I would do and the first five on the list take less than
    1-2 min.

    I know I skipped that the patient couldn't move. However if the pt is a quad (seen way 2 many in 9 mo.) The issue really isn't important at this time.
  13. by   kids
    Thanks everyone.
    I didn't want to sound mean, I thought I was very nice, actually, I had the posters best interest at heart. I have seen a few students get seriously flamed here for trying to get the answers for to homework assignments (and not doing the reading or thinking).

    My observation is that students who come in and say "here is the question, here is my answer, am I on the right track?" or "here is the question, I have done this & this, but I still don't get it" are much better received...we are a great bunch of nurses and we do like students but we are not the homework help line. I was trying to guide the poster in that direction.
  14. by   Nurse Ratched
    Kidsrfun - I think your post was very appropriate.

    Runemaster: we are very much interested in developing the critical thinking skills of our future nurses. We are not interested in regurgitating answers to what appear to be homework assignments.

    The rest of your responses after that I will ignore and chalk up to immaturity and fingers that type faster than one thinks. Some people get off to rough starts here. Want to try again?
  15. by   2ndCareerRN
    You guys are way to nice to runemaster.

    Sounds like it your self rune, or place your answers here for discussion.

    As you are only a student, I would suggest you learn a little bit of common courtesy, or else I can say that a future post from you will probably be a whining rant about how nurses eat their young.

    Even this post was toned down quite a bit to comply with TOS.