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i teach a cna course at a local vo-tech school. most of my students are adult learners. most to all of them are are high school drop outs or ged grads. i've thought about creating a booklet... Read More

  1. by   YSADL
    Quote from debRN0417
    Treat EVERYONE as you would want to be treated.
    Speak to EVERYONE as you would want to be spoken to.
    Care for EVERYONE as you would want to be cared for.
    Be honest, even if you have made a mistake.
    Learn from your mistakes.
    Don't be afraid to question.
    Don't be afraid to care.
    Thank you for your reponse. The golden rule can't be beat. Ysadl
  2. by   YSADL
    Quote from SmilingBluEyes
    Take care of your BACK, cause NO ONE ELSE will!
    This so true. Countless nurse have moved to other fields due to back injuies. Thank you so much for your reply. Ysadl
  3. by   RaineyDayss
    That was great!
  4. by   wearingmanyhats
    I am an agency LPN ----

    MY CNA'S are my RIGHT ARM!!! I depend on them to let me know the little things "Mr Smith just doesn't look right" --- 90% of the time.... that's the beginning of something not so minor.....
  5. by   ltcconsultant
    "At that minute, I knew there was nowhere else a high school dropout could go and have that much power and influence...You see, we have the power to make an old person feel special, beautiful, worthwhile, needed, wanted, respected, revered, admired, and productive, but we also have the power to strip them of their every dignity. That power should come with a warning, and we should all be reminded of it everyday. None of us fully appreciate or comprehend the power of our own influence."
    -from "Everything I Learned in Life I Learned in Long Term Care" by Lori Porter