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  1. what type of facility can a person with: incontinence, bilateral cataracts, hard or hearing, Hx. of falling, heart condition, unable to prepare meals, 10 medications a day, and difficulty dressing themselves benefit from???

    I have narrowed it down to 3 and they are home health, nursing home, or assisted living. Nursing home and home health are expensive. So I am guessing its assisted living but I don't know if they can assist her 24hr because the person has difficulty seeing and hearing. Please help me out thanks.
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  3. by   abxmas_RN
    The fact that the patient is incontinent may prevent an assisted living arrangement. To my knowledge, assisted living residents are suppose to be able to live alone with a minimum of assist, ie: laundry help, food prep, light cleaning, etc. I was employed for 10 yrs as a DON in a long term care facility. You MUST check these facilities out as closely as you would a day care for your child. Remember, if the facility KNOWS you will be in and out often, they will naturally make the extra effort to make sure your family member is taken care of. That's just human nature.
    Good luck!
  4. by   tiffanycmt
    It sounds like to me that resident would benifit more with a long term care facility. Where they are able to meet all of the residents needs 24/7. I agree with the previous post a assited living home is more for residents that can do most for themselves just need assitance with the smaller stuff good luck to ya
  5. by   Todd SPN
    From my experience in the job and from what my parents went through, I would say most likely a NH. Assisted living are for those who need relatively little assistance. Typically they may only get one meal a day and have to pay extra for the others. Things like med administration, bathing, dressing etc. are usually considered extras and you pay dearly for them on top of the monthly fee. One place I looked at for my parents allowed FWWs in the dining room, but no wheelchairs. Given the incontinence, I would think you would have a hard time finding placement. On the other hand, I have worked dementia assisted living places and of course the majority of them are incontinent. However, if they fall and injure themselves it's off to the NH. But your scenario really sounds like a person that needs assist with the ADLs and that certainly sounds like a NH to me.