Nursing home- State coming in

  1. Im a new nurse and have my first job in a nursing home. THe state is coming in soon and I was just wondering if anyone had tips or anything because Im a little nervous.
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  3. by   tokidoki7
    Make sure that you're following your facility's policies. You could always ask your DON or nurse educator how you can prepare for the visit.
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    1. When being watched by a state surveyor, do things by the book.

    2. Do not lie to a surveyor. If you don't know something, say "I don't know but I'll find out."

    3. Act condifent in front of surveyors. They follow the nurses who look unsure and nervous.

    4. Clean the glucometer before taking each blood sugar. If you have 10 blood glucoses to obtain, this means you must clean that glucometer 10 times.

    5. Ensure all the vials of insulin are dated. Make sure all OTC medications are dated with the date they were originally opened.
  6. by   shiningstarinpa
    Answer only the question that was asked. Do not volunteer any information. If you don't kow the answer to a question be honest---tell then you don't know but you will find out---then do it---find out and report back to them.
  7. by   LissaLPN83
    *Wash your hands after passing to each pt.
    *If you have to give eye drops, ointments, or any other medication besides pills make sure you wash your hands and put on clean gloves between each application
    *Make sure you verify the identity of the surveyor when she introduces herself by checking her badge
    *Knock before entering a pt room
    *Pick the easiest pt to pass meds to - someone who takes the meds without diff, someone who has very few meds, and/or someone who has easy meds to prepare. They have to see a specific amt of meds so if you do well they won't watch your whole pass.
    Make sure you wear gloves when doing glucostix and injections.
    *Turn any paperwork you have on your cart upside down, minimize your computer screen and lock your cart anytime you have to walk away
    *Go slow and try to stay calm and relaxed!