No supplies

  1. Ugh!!!! I need to vent

    I went to work, barely got report from the 7-3 nurse. (I only work on Saturdays, but try to come early and read old written report from the week)
    Okay.... I start the med pass and go to to the accucheck....NO Lancets in the building... none... Now I have about 15 to do for 4pm and its 3:30... The daylight LPN says we ran out I didn't get all my 11:00 done I called Pharmacy and was told they be out with your order (it sometimes comes after 11pm) told them it was unexceptable.. Was told sorry, too bad. I cant call our DON (her number isn't listed for us... thats another story)...called our RNAC/ 2nd in command......sorry, cant help you , I called the administrator "what you want me to do about it" then called the central supply director..... of course no answer...... Okay, now what do I do????? I didn't even have any money to send a CNA to the store. Well I was saved by a CNA whose brother lived a few miles a way and was a diabetic. She ran and got me some from her brother . (all he could spare was 20).....

    This is just the start of it. Every weekend I work we are out of supplies.....dressings, diapers, linnens, milkshakes, thick-it......

    What would you do?? Speaking to administration doesn't seem to help.
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  3. by   Sleepyeyes
    sounds like you need to make a phone call to the State.
  4. by   ChainedChaosRN
    Hi Michelle. Make an appointment with your DON and let her know your concerns in writing. Repeatedly not having supplies is a big issue. If it happens again, make an appointment to see your administrator take a copy of your first letter to the DON. If that fails....I agree, call the state or if it's a corporation, call your corp hotline.

  5. by   RNonsense
    ditto to the above posts....unacceptable!
  6. by   Catsrule16
    If you put something in writing make sure you indicate on it somewhere the it has been carbon copied (cc: joe smith) so they think someone else may be reading it. You'd be surprised what could happen. I put cc: name of person just above the person intended for and personal file.
  7. by   nakitamoon
    in agreement with the above posts,,, michelle,,, no excuse for not having supplies,,,,, i am in charge of the ordering for my faciltiy,,, we cannot do our jobs without supplies,,, i think this is just unacceptable,,,, poor management,, i wish you good luck,,, trying to make the changes,,,,

    take care,,,,,, ~kitamoon
  8. by   CoffeeRTC
    Thank you for the responses! I've never met the DON (I've tried stopping in and calling, but she's never around due to family problems.... ) The administrator does now about these problems, I've worked at this facility for 5+ years in various positions charge nurse, RNAC, temp DON.... I'm going to do the letter thing and then go from there.... thanks all
  9. by   Shiraz
    What ever happened to common courtesy?

    I worked in a LTC facility last night through my agency. No lancets in the diabetics drawer...but HARK!! A full box in the over-stuffed sloppy bottom drawer. Then I was called to a room where a patient needed her decub dressing changed. Got the order, went to the tx cart and found the "empty" box of hydrogel dressings. Asked supply if they had them and they did!!

    That's as bad as taking the last pill and not restocking. OR!!! You will find the blister pack in the back up drawer with pills punched out...
  10. by   CoffeeRTC
    I'd like to go to these nurses houses and use all the toilet paper and not replace it!!!
    I hate it when I have to restock eveything at the start of the shift. At least you have supplies!