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  1. Has anyone reviewed the new F tags? Interested in responses. Thanks Tex
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  3. by   shygirl
    What's an F tag?
  4. by   KaraLea
    Uh, what is a F Tag?????
  5. by   adrienurse
  6. by   Youda
    I couldn't say what an F-tag means right off the top of my head. But a D is an isolated incident with injury, and G and H tags are widespread problems with injury to one or more patients. J would be immediate jeapordy. So, I'd guess an F would probably be some kind of patient harm, but more than one patient affected.
  7. by   longtermcarern
    F-tags or Federal tags are rules that govern nursing practice in long term care. The tags have numbers assigned to them that are used to show where they are in a series of rules. The surveyors from the state or federal goverment who come in every year to see how well you provide care will then use those rules to monitor you or cite you for errors in your care. for instance if you violated an infection control rule you would be cited under the f-tag regarding infection control. if it was just 1 instance and no actual harm done you would be cited at a low level, if it is wide spread and harm or potential for harm done it would be cited at a higher level. The ratings are set up in a grid A to L with L being the very worst. The grid starts with A-B-C at the bottom, Then goes up to D-E-F etc. The column to the left of the grid is isolated incident and the column to the right is widespread. Starting with the third row up G-H-I it is considered actual harm to the patient. The highest column J-K-L is in the immediate jeopardy range and could close a nursing home or cause it to have state monitoring stay right in the building with you.
  8. by   JailRN
    I learn something new every day!!
  9. by   jkw
    I am proud- I knew what an F-tag was!
  10. by   Catsrule16
    As a Surveyor I think I would know if there are any new F-tags. As of today there are no new tags created by CMS regarding The Federal Regulations. If you would like some explained, would be more than happy to assist in a clarification.
  11. by   tex
    You may be correct I would think in your position. We just got additional pages to be added to our state regs. Manuel. Listing Ftags, RAI, assessments, and for post stroke rehab etc.... Thanks Tex
  12. by   Catsrule16
    I did get some updates for the interpretive guidelines but no new tags. Every time CMS corrects a spelling error new pages are sent out. The pages CMS sends us have the changes in a different color so we can identify were the changes are. was of paper if you ask me.
  13. by   meljam
    Hi, I was wondering if anyone new where I can get a list of F-tags with descriptions at online?
  14. by   NRSKarenRN
    thread was started in 2002

    found: appendix pp - interpretive guidelines for ltc facilities (pdf)