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  1. I'm a foreign graduate nurse and has been working in a rehab unit of a LTC center.This is my dilemma,from d time i started in the facility all i wanted is to do patient care esp treatment that's why i was glad to be in the rehab unit,however i was "transferred" to be d unit manager.I've been saying no until such time i didn't have an alibi anymore.I've been a UM for 6 months now and i am unhappy,I feel frustrated bec i am unable to finish my things to do since i'm doing charge,appt,family querries,wound rounds,care plans PPD/Flu/Pneumovax audit of all 40 residents,CNA complains among other things,i feel i'm endangering residents coz i'm unable to finish my "stuff".Thinking of going to work makes my back ache.I've been working at least 10 hrs a day just to be able to cope up w/the things d admin wants me to do and a day is just not enough.I go home only to sleep,last week i realized i only ate 2 meals d whole week,d worst part is i've forgotten that on my husband's bday i had a plan & asked for a vacation time w/c apparently was disregarded (i was in the sched even if d VL was granted).I submitted a resignation letter to my DON but i'm not sure if they'll grant it to me.Is there any legal implications if they said No & yet i refused to be UM anymore.I just don't feel i'm effective plus its affecting my relationship,my health and most imptly my residents.pls advice,i don't know what to say to my DON. . .
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  3. by   dusky1228
    No one should be as unhappy as you sound with your job. There's very little I can say, except that they have no choice but to accept your resignation-they can't refuse to accept it unless you have some kind of contract requiring you to complete a certain amount of time (and that's unlikely that you have anything like that).
  4. by   Liberty Bellpn
    Tell them you are not interested in unit manager position and would like the staff nurse position, that you applied for!
    I've never known a facility to force someone into a management position, or any other. Those jobs are usually posted and applied for. Unless it's a temporary interim job, which you'd still have to agree to.
    Are you just feeling badly about not wanting the job?..again-- they cannot make you do it..SAY NO. Life is too short to be unhappy.
  5. by   GorgeousRN
    isnt it that giving advices is non therapeutic? :-) but anyway i just want to say that life is too short to be unhappy.. its up to you to decide whatever you think is right for you.. talk to your superiors about what is bothering you and dont wait for your patients, family and co-worker to suffer just because you are unhappy with your job.. talk to them. God Bless!
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  6. by   Daytonite
    This is the United States. If you submitted a letter of resignation, then you quit your job. There is no law that says they can make you stay. Only you can do that. Don't do it. Start looking for another job. You have to learn that when you say "no", you have to mean it. You let these people talk you into a "yes" when you actually meant "no". You can't do that or you will never be happy. If you had enforced your "no" six months ago nothing would have happened to you, believe me. They would have eventually found someone else for the unit manager job. What did happen, however, is that your bosses saw that you were easy to manipulate and they used you. And, you let them do it so you only have yourself to blame. You need to take a class in assertiveness to learn how to deal with these kinds of situations so you don't fall into the same trap again.
  7. by   CapeCodMermaid
    A couple remarks:
    1.'d'??? does that mean 'the'?
    2. I work with a lot of foreign nurses and they do,indeed, have contracts so you might have to stay or break your contract which, if it's like the ones I've seen here, will cost you money, aggravation or both.
    Speak to the DNS and tell her that you aren't happy as the manager and ask to be given a staff position.