Megace Suspension

  1. Have you administered Megace suspension to increase weight and appetite? If so, how did your patient's appetite and weight increase?
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  3. by   moorebluejacket
    What is your experience with Megace Suspension for weight loss and anorexia? How did your patients do on it and was it well tolerated?
  4. by   Testa Rosa, RN
    It was ordered a lot for my Oncology pts. It was pleasant tasting and well tolerated from a group known to be nauseous but your mileage may vary. It also was often ordered in tandem with Marinol.

    The trick was to give it prior to meals as it stimulates appetite. Where I work this was extremely was hard to do with a 9AM med pass (and everyone on my group having a huge list of meds), Insulin Coverage, Patients being taken off floor for procedures, AM assessments and the customer service spiel we are required to give.

    For some reason it was also hard for pharmacy to keep it stocked so I often had to run downstairs to get it. This one MD would be upset when she found out the pt didn't get their Megace prior to breakfast. So I learned to spot it along with the 8am insulin coverage, antibx and thyroid meds and did a 7:30 am med pass on just those meds.
  5. by   NRSKarenRN
    In my home care experience, Megace ES stimulates appetite slowly over several weeks with about 5-10lb gain about 3 month interval.

    Megace ES: megestrol acetate 625mg/5mL oral suspension
    Megestrol acetate in cachexia and anorexia
  6. by   traumaRUs
    Merged threads. I use Megace for my dialysis pts who have trouble eating enough. My experience is that it doesnt work very well but agree you must give it a month.
  7. by   cwgrlup85
    I have seen it work on a few geriatric residents but I have mostly seen it be ineffective. I have even heard of it increasing people's appetite to the extreme of PICA.
  8. by   akita_mommy
    It worked to the EXTREME on one of my residents. She went from only eating approx. 25% meals before rx to now shoveling all of her meals in her mouth in around 3 minutes then go back in her room and BEG for more food. She was literally choking everytime she ate bc she was shoveling it down so fast. Needless to say, dose was cut down to 10 cc and she has improved.

    Other residents, the med really didn't make much of a difference.
  9. by   mrfrost
    Too expensive, need to take proper amts for it to work properly. (400 mg bid)
    Remeron is much cheaper and does work
  10. by   akita_mommy
    Quote from mrfrost
    Too expensive, need to take proper amts for it to work properly. (400 mg bid)
    Remeron is much cheaper and does work
    Remeron for what exactly? I've never heard of remeron used to stimulate appetite?