Medicare Charting - page 4

I have a question.... In your LTC facility how often do you document on your Medicare residents? What guidelines do you use? Do you do vitals on them every shift? At the facility I am... Read More

  1. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    We have a medicare documentation flow sheet where we check off the assessment data. I.E. lungs clear ( check mark). We do vitals q shift and write a short nurses note. Thankfully we only have a few but I agree it is time consuming.
  2. by   king_of_the_hill_fan
    Why is charting and VS q shift on medicare a big red flag? We do it at our SNF. Just did it tonight, in fact.
  3. by   arrianeRN
    yes,we do charting every shift too! i work noc shift and there's only 2 nurse's on the floor.Our census now is 98.I'm pretty scared cause i have to take care of 48 patients, 25 are medicare,plus my weekly summaries. Writing down these patients vital signs and doing medicare charting at the same time takes me forever!
  4. by   zieglarf
    VS and charting q shift for ours. It a little worksheet where we can document the VS and check off boxes about pain, bowel/bladder, heart rate, vision, etc... the back side has nurses notes where we chart.