mandation being used despite passage of law banning....

  1. This bill was signed into practice in 2009. I have not really heard of anyone going ahead an mandating since...until now. My former student works for a facility that uses mandation and tells the nurses they will be fired if they refuse. It is used often, though the facility's claim is that it is an emergency and unavoidable. My friend is 9 months pregnant and being mandated twice weekly. She is afraid of losing her paid leave. I told her to call the labor board. Does anyone have any experience with this situation or words of wisdom?
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  3. by   SuesquatchRN
    She needs to keep her mouth shut until she is out on leave.
  4. by   nurseebol
    she has two weeks and I told her to wait...she will be more protected with FMLA and the overtime law then
  5. by   amoLucia
    Get a real copy of the regulations. Read it THOROUGHLY to see how it fits --- esp 'emergency' definition and steps mgt took BEFORE mandating the overtime. At my last place, a nurse challenged the facility with the real rules and labor board involvement (she also had dates for other involved nurses and supporting evidence documents, details and statements). She did her homework! Things changed there real fast! But the friend nurse should hold out for maternity leave first!
  6. by   CapeCodMermaid
    I worked in a union building. Mandating was in the contract so if someone called out and the shift couldn't be filled, someone was mandated to stay...nurse or CNA.
    P.S. I don't think "mandation" is a word.
  7. by   LTCangel
    I also work in a union building, mandating is alive and well and happens ever single day. Some days to more than one nurse on a shift or one nurse on each shift. There is not a pool of casual nurses to call and no one else ever answers their phones because they are all tired from working so many long hours on their regular days. The facility does not allow Agency nurses to be called for last minute call ins, only to cover holes that they know about 24 hrs ahead of time. They do give a 50$ bonus for anyone who has been mandated for "Supplemental Staffing". It can make a long 12 hr shift turn into a 16 hr shift in the blink of an eye and they do not do a good job of backing up their attendence policies so the same people seem to call in over and over again without fail. I can look at the schedule and tell you who's going to call in.