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:crying2: ok- this goes back to my last post i hope i did this right... been so long.... well, i quit the ltc facility i was with last year.... needing a job asap i was rehired in dec... new hall new... Read More

  1. by   yadda_yadda_yadda
    First, let's clarify that you didn't quit. The Director of Nurses terminated you.
    Your call to the facility, speaking to the charge nurse doesn't erase the DON's earlier call placed to you.

    Like other's have said, simply be honest in any future interviews. I recently experienced something similar, after 16 years...we got a new supervisor who was a flake. She carried a baggie full of mixed narcotics around in her purse, nibbling on them like candy, ran criminal & financial background checks on our residents from the office computer...using her own credit card & TALKING ABOUT IT to everyone @ work...she mixed meds in food, lied about what work she did and didn't do---and I just got a belly full of it in the middle of a shift.

    I quietly asked for someone to count off with me & take report & walked over to the DON's office & told her I wouldn't be back.

    I arrived home & called the State Abuse Hot-line on the facility & have never regretted doing so. ---( A L-O-T more went on than what I've mentioned above)

    Meanwhile, after reality set @ home, I had to devise a plan for future interviews.

    I was 100% honest with my interviewer: I told them that I was neck-deep in unethical nursing at a place I dearly loved and my concerns fell onto the deaf ears of management. I candidly shared that I no longer desired to "be painted with the same brush" as the nurses who's nursing philosophy wasn't consistent with my own. I then went on to describe my dependability, compassion & dedication--which meant nothing when I became a staunch patient advocate.

    I concluded my interview by saying, "I certainly hope that my candid honesty doesn't extinguish my hopes for getting this position. I am honest & hope that trait is of value to facilities looking for reliable nurses"

    I was offered the job before getting up out of the chair.

    You'll be fine.:icon_hug:
  2. by   Big Smurf2007
    thank u all posters i really want to get things ironed out.( my life). actually having a job that works around me-that is nice.