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I now work in LTC, 7 years, after a 10 year stint in acute care. My question/comment is, WHY do some people act as if working in LTC is a fate worse then death? I'm sure there are plenty of... Read More

  1. by   Nascar nurse
    Quote from SEHAJNEET
    I also worked in ltc facility only for 4 months but indian don and supervisor gave me very hard time because of my master degree in healthcare administration. I was doing excellent for days when she was on vactions when she came back, she called me in her office and told me not to come to work for 2 days. I said ok but another day i came back to work and asked one of the senior nurse why i cannot work for two days. She called don and she told her because she is suspended for telling the family to bring orange juice. I know that was completely lie. All mental harrssement happened to me and i took legal nurse advice. She recommened me to resign as soon as possible. I resigned and complained to hr about suspension without any written reason. They investigated and the nurse who talked to don to find out the reason why i cannot come to work lied to hr and denied TO THEM THAT SHE never talked to don. HR CALLED ME THAT ITS ONLY YOU TALKNG ABOUT SUSPENSION AND NO BODY TOLD YOU NOT TO COME TO WORK. OMGGGG, CANNOT BELEIVE ITS CALLED WHITE LIE AND BLACK HEARTED PEOPLE. I hate ltc facilities and decided not to work as rn in my whole life. Can any one advice me what other fileds i can work with rn lice plus mha degree???????????????????

    Oh what a confusing post! Not sure if this is an example of incredibly poor grammar/spelling (and I am so not a grammar police) or someone of a foreign language with English as a secondary language.

    1. I'm sorry you have a very bad experience in ONE LTC but it seems pretty unfair to judge an entire industry based on your one facility.

    2. You have really decided not to work as an RN your "whole life" based on this once incident? That is seriously nuts.

    3. I doubt anyone here can advise you on other fields as this is a nursing forum and this is the field we know.
  2. by   constructiongal
    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE LTC. I have since I was a CNA at 16 in TN. Once I received my RN I thought I had to work acute care, but as the Lord would have it no would hired me. I started work as a charge nurse and loved it. I was able to teach CNAs, CMTs, famliy and even resident. The geriatric population feeds my soul. I have looked into geriatric case management, but not available in my rural area. I am currently a SDC/IC nurse in a LTC facility and know beyond a shadow that I want to specialize in gerontology. I love showing other how to interact with this population and what precautions are needed. We get nurses and aids that don't realize how valuable they are to their residents and the quality care they can provide and I get to help them see and experience that. LTC is a calling as any other nursing specialty is, and I wish it was not undervalued so many times. I could go on and on, but let me end with this...for all you wonderful LTC nurses and aids I am sending a HUGE HUG, BIG SMILE and ENORMOUS THANK YOU!!!!
  3. by   NurseCard
    When I first started working at the LTC in which I am now employed... I'll admit, I hated it. Hated it with every fiber of my being. However, over the months I have come to like it rather well; it helps that our staffing was beefed up a bit, and now on my unit we have two nurses on night shift for 54 residents, instead of just one, and also three aides instead of just two. Now, we've just been bought by another company, so it will be interesting to see if staffing changes again. Before I got this job, I worked at a state psychiatric facility for an agency, and really loved it. I interviewed there a couple of weeks ago for a full time job; it's going to be a tough decision whether to stay at my current job or switch. Certain factors will come into play.