I am worth less for Christmas!

  1. Okay so I volunteered to work Christmas because the poor LPN that works day shift has had to work all holidays for 5 years. She has a son going to Iraq and I felt I simply had to help her out by letting her have 5 days including Christmas with her family and son!

    Then I found out for the first time in 7 years..my hubby FINALLY had Christmas off (he is paramedic). Uhgggggg..oh well, I still did a nice thing...and besides, I get off work at 1430...so not bad.

    Then I remembered..oh yeah I get double pay because my organization appreciates people that work on Christmas! (all other holidays are time and a half). Yeah..well that will help me out quite a bit...so cool!


    Because I am part-time, I don't get double..but time an a half. Now granted, I shouldn't complain but that hit me SO WRONG! What...my Christmas is worth less than anyone else working it??? Like my family is worth less for their sacrifice of their mommy being gone Christmas eve and Christmas day!?!?!? OH I was livid!!!!!!!!

    I would understand this policy better if it was a detour from people working part-time, but they mandate that all RN staff to be part-time, and LPN's to be full for money reasons (sick I know!!!!)...so it isn't like it was my choice...so why am I worth less???? OH yeah..I am more expensive..UHGGGGG!!!!!!!!

    Is this common where you all work? Do you feel it is right? I mean, I can come up with 101 reasons why adminstration would do this..but knowing their hiring practices I can blow each one out of the water!!!!!! (I work in Admin!).

    Simply another tactic to save a buck to the expense of RN's! WOW, wonder why we are leaving the field or thinking about it????

    My hubby is as mad as I am, and he said "well since you are part-time then they must abide by your schedule..so NO MORE working holidays under any circumstances...and you will submit a calander of days you are available and not and they will either abide by that or you quit!" Okay a little harsh but...I can see where he is comming from!!! I get NO benifits whatsoever, the least they can do is treat me as they would anyone else at that place for this Holiday they claim is to be the "foundation of the family unit..therefore double pay for you and your families sacrifice". UHGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!:angryfire
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  3. by   webblarsk
    Boy that sure dosen't sound right. Especially for someone volunteering their time. And it sure dosen't sound right that all RN's must be considered part time with no benefits. At the facility I worked at all nurses were full time and given benefits. But I do believe holidays were only time and a half for everyone! Sorry your getting the short end of the stick.
  4. by   Antikigirl
    Thanks Webblarsk!!!! Yeah, it could be worse...sadly. It just kinda threw me off and isn't sticking well. Our organization is known for NOT being very employee friendly..and I think this is one of those 'straws that broke the camels back" with me to a point!

    But alas...I am not going to complain..I am too scared management will say "fine..then no bonuses for anyone!". And believe me..they are just that Grinch to do it!!!!! (that way they will have a scape goat to do what they proably are already planning anyway!).

    But I am going to look into some of what hubby said. Like since I am part time, I schedule days I am available. So I get holidays off to be with my children..and oh gee, maybe my anniversary which I have yet to spend with my hubby since marriage!

    I care for my patients, and my role to help them..but sometimes, a holiday or two spent away from family hurts your spirit. I rely on my family time to keep going...and when it boils down to it..I took this as a diss not to me, but my family by saying I was worth less for their and my sacrifice of working this very important holiday to be at home. (IE the reason behind why I worked it in the first place...for my LPN's family..least I could do for them and their son's sacrifice that is much more than mine is!!!!!!).
  5. by   CapeCodMermaid
    You are part time and your facility lets you dictate when you can work??? We call that Per Diem. The rate of pay is higher with no benefits. Our part time hours are considered anything under 32 hours a week, but we have 24 hour positions which include benefits because they are SCHEDULED and we know we can count on those people to be there.
  6. by   Antikigirl
    I work an average of 35-37 hours per week, and that is considered part time (anything under 38 hours a week, and you must work that every week...if you don't you are back at square one...so they will balance it out so it never comes to consecutive 38 hour weeks, but a few hours shy...UHGGGGGG!!!!!!!).

    But no, technically we are not to choose the days we work..till us nurses caught them in breach of contract with us over two years! You see...I get my schedule for a full month about 3-5 days before the first of the next month! We are to have them 2 weeks before the next month so we can plan for MD appointments and family obligations and what not...seems rational. Lets see..I got Decembers schedule November 27! Oh goodie..it isn't like I wanted to plan things on days off in December right??? UHG! I got lucky this month...got it today...but that still isn't two weeks now is it???

    So we part timers said..fine, then if we submit days we are available before two weeks of end of month (when we are SUPOSE to get our schedules) that is far enough advance for the schedules for arrangements to be made...they do this for CNA's going to nursing school! They complained..so so far we haven't done it too much, but now that I raised some eyebrows about this little time and a half issue...other part timers are thinking..hmmmm your right..it isn't fair...lets start actually doing what we hinted at!

    Alas...I got my schedule..and it actually looks GREAT! We hired a new nurse so I am back to the job I was hired for instead of covering for 8 months as the other full time day floor nurse (that is shafted a few hours per week so I am not full time with benifits!). SO hopefully things will go better for me...but the other part timers are still a bit mad..and may start submitting days they are unavailable on the first of each month!

    Yeah...I was and am being used, but I guess that is par for the course in any job now a days. You just have to choose your battles well in it...and so far I have been pretty mellow about it (so I can't complain too much)...but I think a new New Years Resolution would be to stand up for myself more at work with managment...you can only get used so long before it boils out in other areas...so best I start hitting my '101 reasons I don't like my job" constructively instead of just going..ehhhh it will pass! I am a professional...about time they started treating me like it!
  7. by   stbernardclub
    I have worked almost every holiday for the last 17 years. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years.
  8. by   Antikigirl
    Sounds like my hubby (paramedic)...and for once he got Christmas off..LOL! OH well, he and I both want to help out my LPN and her family! (I come from a long line of Navy vetrans...it just seemed like it was what you should do! ).
  9. by   donmomofnine
    Our full timers and part timers work every other holiday. Our pool staff work one winter and one summer holiday.

    God bless you for caring about your coworker! :hatparty: You really are getting a rotten deal all around from your employer!
  10. by   Rnltc
    It just seems like Corp. can make up the rules as they go. They do wounder why they can not keep nurses around. You are not worth less. In your heart and the halo over your head is gold.
    What Company is this. Sounds like the same company that just let me go.
  11. by   Antikigirl
    Actually I work for a international fraternal society's assisted living facility...so it goes beyond a typical corporation into...well actually a scary deal!

    People who are fired somehow can't get unemployement at all, even after hiring lawyers (I still have yet to figure that one out). And they make it almost impossible to find work after you leave...again I don't know how since they are NOT to say how performance is or anything..only the dates you worked and pay scales. They get out of workers comp almost 80% of the time via loopholes and hiring investigators to see if ANYTHING in your past can contribute to that particular injury and blame it on you for not saying anything about the previous injury (even if it happened as a child!!!! My best friend hurt her back, and they got away with this by finding a car accident she suffered as a child!!!!!).

    It is honestly scary..and I actually can not say the name of the organization because I did sign a confidentiality agreement...but I do know if I do leave..I better darn well have a secure job before hand..or I am royally s**ewed!
  12. by   Rnltc
    As I stated it is all for the Corp. and not for the little employees. I work just above you in the WA. It is so scarey to read about these things and then end-up being part of what your reading about.
    Corp are what back and support our goverment. It seems that our taxes never really count for anything only making goverment and Corp bank account bigger.