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I have been working sub acute rehab for a year now. I carry 12-15 patients, generally 14 on any given day. I have an 8 hour shift and work 6-2:30 but NEVER leave on time. Today I was called to come... Read More

  1. by   CapeCodMermaid
    Money aside, and yes I've done MMQs, controlling blood sugars with sliding scale insulin is not in the best interest of the resident.
  2. by   lesliel
    I'm a new graduate, that just started my career in LTC nursing. I have only been working for a month and I can relate to everything that has been written in the previous posts!! I sometimes feel used and abused by the management of the facility. They expect us to give medications, finish treatments, do dressings for an unbelievable amount of patients, all while adhering to policies and procedures AND leave on time?!? I'm sorry, I did not know that I had to sacrifice my physical well-being and sanity for the efficiency of the institution. At times, I feel like there is not one soul within management that care enough for the residents to try and change something. I learned SO much in nursing school that we need to advocate and "be the change you want to see" but, how is this possible when there is barely enough time to perform the most basic care?? My apologies for the rant!
    One thing that I found that helped me was that I cut down on conversation. As terrible as that sounds, I keep interaction with the residents to a minimum. I found that many of the elderly have tons of stories! If I stop to engage, I could be held up for an extra 2 minutes that I just can NOT spare! Right now, as I am adjusting this is something that I found is helping, as my skills improve I hope that this something that will change! I know I have a tendency to be chatty as well, so this is something I definitely need to work on as well!
  3. by   wannabenk
    I am in the same position as you right now. I am working in a rehab area that has long terms mixed in. Right now I have 8 rehab and 8 long term care. There really isn't enough time to really assess the patients. You are suppose to assess the individuals mental well being as well as physical but how can you do that when you don't talk to them. You can't just walk in heres your med and leave. Right now I have a patient that when he came in was a thriving happy go lucky man. Now I notice he has been sleeping my whole shift and not eatting. I took the time to talk to him and he asked me "why am I sleeping so much, could I be depressed?" and asked if a priest comes around. I took the time to talk to him. He was concerned about going home with a foley in place and other things. I do not want to just start popping pills like I have seen people do. I have been told don't get attached to my patients but I am sorry that is why I got into nursing.
  4. by   NurseGuyBri
    I will say this and take from it what you want (I'm being a little silly). It is unfortunate that I tell my staff this: I have to ask 150% from you because that's what we have to do. I know you can only give 90%, because you're human. Everyone makes mistakes. Be honest with me and let me know the 10% you are having trouble with and we'll work it out.

    Know this- your managers know it's impossible, but corporations do not. Corporate makes the managers act like you just have to do it. We share it down the line. A good manager, however, will attempt to help as much as possible or even (gasp) help streamline a few things.