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A resident at the LTC center that I work at was sent to the hospital several days ago. The nurse that usually cares for her was worried about her, and called the hospital to check on her. The nurse... Read More

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    depends on what paper work was filled out on admission concerning hippa and what the responsible party consented to in the way of releasing information. usually people have to put it in writing if they want specific information & to who. if a patient is in a hospital they are no longer a pt. of ltc (maybe in terms of a bedhold) until they get readmitted. you have to use your common sense. when i send patients back and forth i feel perfectly comfortable releasing information to the hospital or nursing home personel. i dont think too many strangers could easily pass themselves off as a nurse. technically if a nurse who is sitting next to you overhears you speaking on the phone about a pt. they are not assigned to that is a violation of hippa, so they need to get us sound proof booths to stay in absolute compliance???
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    a resident at the ltc center that i work at was sent to the hospital several days ago. the nurse that usually cares for her was worried about her, and called the hospital to check on her. the nurse she spoke to referred the nurse to the family, because she said it would violate hippa to give out the resident's medical info. i called back over, and told them that it is not violating hippa because she is still our resident. they have to give us report when they are coming back anyway. we have had this problem a couple of other times. has anyone had any similiar problems? i think some hospital nurses are going overboard on hipppa (jmho) ~robin
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    I love it when we are doing an admission assessment on a resident in a two bed room! The resident is hard of hearing (of course) and the nurse is in the room. with the roommate present, shouting "Do you have trouble with your urine?"!!
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    Quote from Audreyfay
    You can thank Ted Kennedy for the HIPPA ordeal we are now living.
    The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 mandates significant changes in the legal and regulatory environments governing the provision of health benefits, the delivery and payment of healthcare services, and the security and confidentiality of individually identifiable, protected health information.

    HIPAA makes it easier for individuals and small businesses to get and keep health insurance. To reduce the cost of health insurance, HIPAA also includes an administrative simplification section to encourage electronic transactions. Due to the electronic transactions, HIPAA also has a host of new regulations to assure the security and privacy of electronically stored medical data. The regulations set standards for electronic transactions, the privacy of all medical records and all identifiable health information and the security of electronically stored information.

    To be compliant, a healthcare practice must implement procedures mto provide patients access to their medical information including providing copies at their request, an ability to make amendments their records, and accountings of any and all disclosures made of their medical information for any use other than treatment, payment, and firm operations

    Each practice must notify each patient of these rights with a "Notice of Privacy Practices." This notice must include the patient's rights, the practice's HIPAA policies, and the address of where to complain.

    Fines, penalties and possible jail time can be imposed for non-compliance.

    >actually I DO thank Ted Kennedy (and the Clintons.too) for helping many Americans obtain insurance and for protecting my privacy...
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    HIPAA blows. It is totally not being interpreted by everybody the same and slows and hinders healthcare. Some ER to ER transfers are hindered because of HIPAA, EMS systems claim to be privy to pt. info (as they should) and sometimes they are denied PT/ billing info, police/fire, involved etc. for god sakes TED what were you thinking, Oh yeah, did you ever go back to the car and get your girlfriend out of the water?