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I am very new to this forum. Here is a little bit of background. I have been an R.N. for 11 years. Most of this has been in LTC. I didn't work for 3.5 years to be with my young children. When I... Read More

  1. by   tattooednursie
    You definantly need some confidance. I do too that is why I feel incompetent often. Don't give up whatever you do!
  2. by   bewbew
    Originally posted by AnotherRN
    However I feel very incompetent. Some of my skills are rusty. I have no confidence in my decision making/ critical thinking skills.
    I can relate to this............I am an enrolled nurse (I think you would call me an LPN in the U.S.), and I am about to graduate as a RN in December....

    However, I stayed home from work, from '97, to have and look after my two kids, so while I have been studying and start as an RN in February, I have lost my confidence. Due to recent clinicals I know skills, but when it comes back to being part of the professional world, rather than playgroups etc, has got me a bit nervous.........

    I also feel that 'floating' isn't so good, each area is different, and will take that much more time to get back into it.........

    Hang in there, AnotherRN
  3. by   jevans
    come on folks

    lets have a pep talk amongst ourselves

    you worked hard for your qualifications didn't you---yes

    you care about your patients don't you-------yes

    do you give good care --------yes

    then give yourselves a break

    good nurses are hard to find. caring. experienced nurses are hiding!!!!!!!!!!!

    to you all good wishes
  4. by   h2ogoddess
    I work as a Ward Clerk in LTC. The amount of duties to be done on a 8-hour shift is something that is hard to believe let alone get done. The Nursing Staff NEVER stops, it one thing after another.
    And it is not getting any better.
    Even I'm thinking of looking for something else, the paperwork is unending and we keep getting more.
    When will it end?!

    I know the Nursing Staff in LTC and (I mean everyone from RN to LPN and CNA's )have a hard and never ending job. You just have to be there to understand.
  5. by   robinrdrn
    Hang in there............the only way to feel competent is to practice, practice, practice........a.k.a. work, work, work. Your not incompetent....in fact you have excellent perception......it's the staff that think they "know it all," who are incompetent. Your skills will improve as you are exposed to similar situation over and over and similar patients over and over. Ya can't get that from reading, only by doing and knowing when to ask for help. You have critical thinking skills it's written all over your words in your post.

    From a RN who was trained in LTC by an LPN and thankful!:kiss