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:) Whats yout favorite shift to work in LTC, and why? I am currently worrking day shift and I guess I am just a PM person. To much going on with days. Plus i like to sleep in :)... Read More

  1. by   maeyken
    This summer I worked as a HCA. I definitely like evenings best... 1430-2230 was my fav, I think... 14-22 was just too hard to get all the work done after supper... I also like 15-23, but it's always nicer to go home that half hour earlier!

    Days was just too early for me! I was always sooooo tired after work, that the rest of my day was shot!

    Never did work nights... maybe next summer! Haha!
    ~ Mae
  2. by   Momma_Penguin
    I love my nite turn! I really can't do any other shift due to kids and things. My hubby got a job last year that allowed me to go down to per diem, after being the one who worked full time to keep the insurance for the kids. Now he has a really good paying job and I can go out and pick up what I need in hours. But I only really like nite turn. Let's face it the bossess are all gone, not a lot of families, and no doctors popping in to do rounds. And I think I really get to see my pts better than the nurses on the other shifts. But oh how all those morning blood sugars are crazy!! Laura
  3. by   snoogans
    Love second, I am a eve person. I work days because I have two young kids in school. i would never see them. Drag myself and kids out of bed every mornig at the very last min, go to work with very wet hair that I comb after dropping the kids of at daycare.
    I do agree too many people around.
    One advantage of working on a Alzheimers/ geri psyche unit with lots of screamer is that admin only comes around once in a blue moon. I saw our administrator 2 months ago rearranging furniture. To make it look nice.
    No disrespect towards her I promplty stated that the furniture is in place for a reason and for her to be moving it made no sence, since this is the first time she'd been up here in months and really doesn't understand the daily needs of the residents.
    The issue didn't matter really as a couple of residents and staff are constantly moving the furniture around anyway.