1. I am a nurse in a small LTC facility. There is one other nurse on the same shift that works also as full time, opposite days of me. As our meds are set up, you can easily see in the bubble packs what meds are given and what are not. About 3 weeks ago, this nurse texted me and stated that she would "throw away" meds she didnt think the patients needed or if she got busy. I immediately realized the neglect and told superiors. To my amazement and disbelief, although this was in writing, the powers that be did not fire or suspend her, or even notify her that they saw the text. When confronted by me that she was still working the floor, they stated they needed more proof. I had gone to them before with some similar issues with/about her, but they were never provable. Fast forward to today when I saw that there were 11 medications in the bubble packs from the previous day-- she worked--- I notified my superior. I have a funny feeling nothing will be done or she will just be written up and not taken off of the floor. My next step?? What if they do nothing? Thoughts, ideas. Oh my.
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  3. by   Rose_Queen
    Follow your chain of command, but also realize that they may have already launched an investigation. You are not privy to any investigations or disciplinary actions taken against another employee- those are confidential.
  4. by   caliotter3
    It is up to them to take action once you report. As long as there are discrepancies, report them, and keep written records of your reports.
  5. by   Eschell2971
    Did you inform your colleague that she is wrong to do what she's doing? Why are you so focused on getting her 'fired' or 'suspended?' I agree your supervisors should inform her of the policy and that discarding medications at will is not within her scope of practice. Also, don't assume that you know what happens when you're not there. Someone else may have worked with that medication yesterday or it could be as simple as a pill dropped and had to be replaced.

    Bottomline: Communicate with each other first. Maybe you can help her before it's too late.