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  1. Okay - I haven't posted for a while. Sorry about that. I do have a problem. I have an interview coming up, one I didn't apply for (got my resume off monster) and she said one of the positions she's interested in me for is a DON - clinical side. It is a nursing home with a Home care agency built in. Meaning they have an office there.

    My question is, what is the job description of a DON - clinical and what would my responsibilities be? I don't want to jump into something and not be ready for it. I feel quite comfortable with my abilities as a nurse (seems awfully soon to me to be comfortable) but I am. I hope to continue my education to be a nurse practitioner. SOON. But I'm just an RN now.

    Please tell me what I would be doing. Because I don't have a clue. I am the only nurse where I currently work and I manage total care for my residents, I oversee an MA and that's it.

    Please describe the job if you would. My interview is on Wed.
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  3. by   shotnbum
    My recommendation is to ask for the job description. They have to have a copy of the job description and this will help you prepare for the interview.
  4. by   JentheRN05
    But can you really ask for a copy of their job description before you even interview? That seems somewhat expectant of me to assume that I'm even worthy. Ya know?
  5. by   bargainhound
    If you are planning on going back to school, I would advise against
    taking a DON position. It is very time consuming and 24/7 responsibilities.
    You will be responsible for making sure NH is in compliance with
    all state/federal regulations, making sure NCPs and MDS are consistent with current pt status/orders/etc. Unless there is a very strong staff to back
    you up on all these duties, it will be a nightmare to try to do all that
    and attend college also.
    Not to mention hiring constantly, discipline issues, etc.
  6. by   Nascar nurse
    Do you have actual long term care experience? I can't imagine being a DON without it (and have not seen anyone be real sucessful at it either - but doesn't mean it COULDN'T be done). If you don't have any experience, maybe you could ask to shadow the current DON for a day or so. This is a very time consuming position and extremely frustrating as well.
  7. by   shotnbum

    You really need to ask for the job description PRIOR to the interview. This info will tell you if you are qualified to do this position and what the job responsibilities are. Typically, when you apply to any position, the job description is available for the applicant to see. Since they called you, it is well within reason to ask for a job description in advance of the interview. I have been a DON before, it is a huge responsibility. Good luck!!
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  8. by   shotnbum
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  9. by   JentheRN05
    Actually I had the interview today. Turns out they are actually looking for a DON of the Home Care agency instead. Seems very doable actually. Only overseeing 3 nurses currently. I do think it went well, I should know next week.