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I did the work of a graveyard CNA last night on my Alzheimer's unit. There was no CNA to cover, so I volunteered to stay another 8 hours. I found out everything that my CNAs should have done, and... Read More

  1. by   SugaNurse
    At the begining of the shift I make my expectations known and update my CNA's on resident changes and the DON's concerns. I end this brief meeting with "Excellent care makes HAPPY residents and happy residents use call lights less." Nothing is a greater motivator than not having to listen to call lights Second, our facility requires "compliance rounds." This can be and started out as, checking everything they are suppose to do by the end of the shift from mouth cares to positioning devices to low beds, etc. Now, since they know what we are looking for, we do a "focus compliance round" (i.e. call lights in place, mouth cares completed). However, it is best they don't know what the focus will be. We fill out a worksheet with all of the things that need to be corrected (and in which room, bed) before they leave shift, and sign what they corrected. Again, great motivator because no one wants to go back and do what should have been done. Yes, it is TIME consuming for you but believe me it worked when we began and continues to remind everyone what needs to be done. You will find less and less wrong and by the time it becomes routine it will take but 5 minutes or so because almost everything is RIGHT!

    A "Great Job!" and "Thank You for your help!" are in order at the end of the night when all is well. I think we all forget how simple phrases can make people feel needed, esp. at their jobs.

    As a whole, our facility also has a couple rewards systems. 1) A "Star Performance" board which is based on our facility's mission statements. If someone writes you a note for something POSITIVE you did and posts it on the board you get a treat with your note at the end of the month meeting. 2) Laminated cards for a job well done. If you collect 3 you can go to HR to get a treat of your choice (pop, candy, popcorn,etc.) Who doesn't love FREE stuff!?
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