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Hi i am new to this forum, i love it by the way, i work in assisted living home of 9, and this past week i put my hand in the box to get a lancet out and i stuck myself, i dont know if it was new or... Read More

  1. by   shllby1
    I wasnt putting my hand in the sharps container, i put it in a new box for a lancet and there was one in there without the cap and i stuck my finger on that one..
    Quote from jelrtLPN
    I know this sounds uncaring, but, why were you putting your hand in the sharps container. Please get tested for your own peace of mind. Your DON/home owner does not have the authority to test for such diseases unless she has permission to do so in the first place...those tests are not routine like a cbc,urine, or eve cxr. take care, my prayers are with you
  2. by   sjoe
    TMPaul writes: "You do have the right to be tested at the employers expense. ...Please don't delay, get baseline testing done now. "

    After a stick you ALWAYS get tested right away so that a baseline is established. If you do not do that and later are positive for HepB or HIV or malaria, say, how are you going to prove that you weren't already infected before the stick?
  3. by   jelrtLPN
    ooops egg on my face, sorry i read that post wrong, im glad to hear you didnt do that... but i would still get tested, if not for any thing else, my peace of mind, good luck, and God Bless
  4. by   miss_nurse2004
    We had a nurse to get a needle stick after giving insulin injections on her hall during the early am med pass. She had given 5 injections, and one of the sharps got her in a finger. And I&A was done, and she was sent to the hospital for labwork to be done that very morning. The doctors for each of the residents who had insulin that morning were called, and orders recieved to do labs on the residents to check for possible infections. Luckily, everything came out fine.