Can a Ward Clerk check in controlled Medications in a LTCF? - page 2

I need to know if there is some kind of regulation in checking in Controlled Medications. When the medications arrive in the locked red tote from the Pharmacy that supplies this Long Term Care... Read More

  1. by   GPatty
    Only licensed personnel are to be checking in narcs or any other type of meds....
  2. by   suebird3
    Now if the Ward Clerk IS a Licensed Nurse, I wouldn't see any problem with that......

  3. by   4rmgirlRN
    Well, I notified NCBON and believe it or not! A ward Clerk can check in Narcotics! As long as there is some type of accountability.
    More pressure on the DON and if you can trust the Ward Clerk!
    Thanks to everyone who helped me get through this hurdle I am sure I will have more to come!
  4. by   TrudyRN
    I'm so sorry about your baby. That is so painful but I hope time helps to ease the pain somewhat. My loved one was once the victim of a violent crime and survived but it still is horrible to have to deal with.
    I kind of know what you are saying about loss and the relative importance of things. {{{{4rmgirlRN}}} Still, if there is a law to follow, it doesn't change for those who are more sensible and stand less on ceremony after suffering severe loss. We still must follow the law.

    Does the secretary get the narc keys to check these items in? What if the count turns out wrong after she's had the keys? Exactly what is the clerk doing? Is she going in the closet where the other narcs are already present? Or just receiving the narcs at her desk then handing them over to the nurse to store in the narc closet?

    That is a good point about the delivery folks not being licensed. Never have thought about this. Board of Pharmacy or JCAHO can answer.