Beautiful Poem

  1. A Living Will

    When they say I cannot
    hear you, sing me lullabies
    and folk songs, the ones
    I sang to you. I will hear them
    as an unborn child can hear
    its mother's music through
    the waters of the womb

    When they say I can feel nothing
    press your face against my forehead,
    rest your hand against my cheek.
    I will feel them as the women
    at the window feels the wind
    outside the glass.

    When they say, I'm past
    all caring, brush my hair
    and braid it in ribbons. I will
    know it as the seashells
    on my table know
    the rhythms of the sea.

    When they tell you
    to go home, stay with me
    if you can. Deep
    inside I will be

    ~ Naomi Halparin Spigle
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  3. by   NurseDennie
    Oh wow - two poems that made me weep in one day.

    Sheesh! This was incredibly beautiful.


  4. by   night owl
    Absolutely beautiful...thanks for sharing.
  5. by   jspigle
    Hi - this poem was written by my mother and published in two books, an anthology called I Am Becoming the Woman I've Wanted, and what I think was a text book on Alzheimer's. If anyone has come across this poem in the latter, I'd really like to know the title of the text book so I can get my hands on a copy. I can be reached at . Thanks very much! - judy