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Does anyone else out there in LTC use Bag Balm in their facilities? Just wondering because we use it but on the can it says for animal use only. It does work on red areas, and we get it from the... Read More

  1. by   txsugar
    We used Dr. Smith's Diaper Ointment and the residents loved it. It's white though so they would laugh when they wanted to put some on their chapped lips and wheeled around with white lips. Oh gee, you guys make me miss my little elderly folks. I used to work charge in an LTC for retired nuns and also some lay people. I truly loved those nuns. Most of them were Irish and they kept me laughing. I used to have one who would get up every night around 8:30 or 9:00 and ask what time it was. I would say "It's 9:00 sister". She would ask "In the morning?" Me: No sister, at night! to which she would flap her hand and proclaim aw your nuts (imagine the Irish accent) and one of us would escort her either back to bed or to a side chair where she would drink warm milk while watching us do our documentation. She just wanted company.
    Oh yeah, back to the topic. We also used mentholatum ointment on the dry heels and elbows then wrapped with a lambswool protective. i think they just liked having their feet rubbed...wouldn't we all?
  2. by   Retired Nurse
    Yes, we used it. It can work well. As with all things --If it doesn't work, try something else. Our Dr.s would order it if the resident requested. Then no problem with regulations.
  3. by   renerian
    I have used it in home health. Can work wonders. Also works as a hair conditioner...............hard to rinse out though! LOL.

  4. by   CaliNurse
    I buy this product from Walmart. I think there is an Walmart everywhere in the U.S. The small can will cost you about $3.99 and if you buy the larger one it will cost you about $4.99. ??
    The large can is about 6 times as much.

    I use this for my hands during those periods when my skin is so irratated and cracked open. I am not allergic to latex but very sensative. I am one who used to think the hotter the water the more bugs I was killing. I was just killing my skin.

    The other use is on my feet. After a good soak, rub Bag Balm on my feet and put socks on them just before bed. You wake up with the softest feet. Try it, it is very soothing.

    You can find it in Walmart (the larger can) by the fish/cat/dog supplies. You can find the smaller one in the cosmetic department but it will cost more.

    Have fun and make you feet happy !!!

  5. by   renerian
    I ordered it the last time at CVS on line........

  6. by   anitame
    I vaguely remember learning at a wound care conference years ago about Bag Balm. If my memory serves me right, since it's manufactured as a vetrinary product, it is not held up to the standard of a medication during production. The FDA has no control over quality controls, etc. And I believe one of the ingredients either is or breaks down to a antibiotic/antimicrobial agent, which caused the speaker at this conference to be concerned about unnecessarily using antibiotics on wounds. This has been a while, so maybe the thinking on this subject has changed?
    I definitely would not use it on my nipples while breastfeeding after hearing the above information. The ONLY thing that should be used routinely on nipples is Lansinoh, which is 100% Lanolin. It would be interesting to hear from the wound care nurses about the Bag Balm, I haven't done wound care for about 2 years.

  7. by   blackbelt
    If you are worried about the animal thing go to your local druggist and ask for anhydrous lanolin from behind the counter, they use it to mix up special ointments-basically the same thing one ounce lasts forever a tiny bit goes a long way. My doctor told me about it when I was nursing my babies if its safe for them it has to be safe on your hands!
  8. by   willjc
    If Shania Twain uses Bag Balm to reduce wrinkles then its gotta be good for the old folks!
  9. by   emc-lpn
    We use Bag Balm on lots of our residents and it works really well but I haven't been able to eat lemon meringue pie ever since we started using it.
  10. by   ShortFuse_LPN
    We use Enzo for red areas and Laniseptic for open areas in the LTC where I work. A nurse who I work with brought bag balm to work (for personal use) and our DON flipped out.....thought she was using it for the residents.....