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2 CNAs and 1 LPN wrote false allegations against me and turned it into the DON. Just a week prior, I had finished and gave evaluations to 8 co-workers, CNAs and LPNs. All of them got overall great... Read More

  1. by   Simplepleasures
    Quote from ginger58
    I just left my job in a similar situation. With all the shortage of nurses, they take the word of an aid or whomever and don't even want to hear the nurse's side of the story.
    Nurses are being tossed around and out over things that can be worked out. Nurses eating their young, politics, whatever. It's demoralizing.
    After 27 years in LTC I will concede, LTC is a snake pit.
  2. by   CRNI-ICU20
    Since these two carnivores put their allegations in writing, they have set themselves up for a considerable lawsuit...
    particularly if you are monetarily or career wise damaged....those are compensable under the law...most people will just move on, and find another job....picking which battles they wish to engage in...
    However, if the DON is dumb enough to not research for his or herself beyond two CNA's who obviously had a bone to pick....then that makes the DON complicitous in the behaviour...and can be held accountable as well.
    You can, by law, write a letter to be placed in your personnel file that refutes their doing this, you are not appearing to be in agreement with them or what the DON acted on....this looks better to future employment prospects, and it also sets a boundary that you are not about to be bullied....
    This work place bullying is so prevalent, it astounds me. Maybe instead of DON's worrying about what color scrubs, or what kind of shoes we wear, they might want to get off their collective duffs and look into the very real world of harrassment at work...
    If people create, participate, and encourage, by commission or ommision, a hostile work environment, it is a breach of labor law....
    I am sorry this happened to is unfair and uncalled for.
    Shame on them.
  3. by   banditrn
    Quote from ingelein
    After 27 years in LTC I will concede, LTC is a snake pit.
    I agree, Ingelein - what a bunch of crap it can be sometimes.

    BTW - I highly agree with CRNI-ICU20! Don't let them treat you like a doormat!

    At the hospital where I worked for so many years, I was among a group of 'targeted' employees in a certain dept. I can say that we were all good nurses, had been there for years.
    They stupidly decided to target me for my disability within the dept., which backfired on them. But with all the crap, I finally left.

    My friend solved it better than I - she went to management, and named the names of the ones that she was going to bring suit against - she'd been documenting like crazy - for workplace harrassement - and everyone about had a cow. They left her alone after that.
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