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  1. Hi, I'm currently practicing as an LPN in a LTC and rehab facility in Ohio. I have a questions in regard to Air mattress contraindications and hope to receive some guidance....

    Is it appropriate to use a heelz up pad with a resident that is currently on an air mattress for wound care? I have been told that any type of pads for repositioning or offloading was not appropriate for air mattresses because they can cause issues with the mattress holding and distributing air throughout...
    Can someone please clarify or direct me to answers!! Thank you
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    In the facility where I do PRN there is a policy against offloading of heels when an air mattress is in use. We have unofficially noticed several residents have breakdown in skin on heels immediately following the implementation of this policy, but it is supposedly evidence based although I do not have the literature myself to support this. I was not told that it interfered with the function of the air mattress, but that it was not necessary as the air mattress already offloads pressure to heels. We have to get around this by hoyering these residents to a chair or w/c to offload their heels for a while before returning them to bed to get them back to the air mattresses. I personally disagree with this policy but unfortunately have to follow it.
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    It depends on the air mattress. Most of the low air loss, alternating pressure mattresses don't need anything other than a thin,clean sheet on them. Anything else and you're defeating the purpose of the mattress.