A resident that shouts all the time

  1. I would just like to ask some advice really. Where I work there is a new resident and she constantally shouts and I mean constantally. It is unfair to the other residents in the home.

    The lady forgets where she is at times she can't even remember the town.

    I know this is unfair to the staff and other residents. But when I worked in a Care Home before we had a few residents like this and in the end the staff got so used to the shouting/ calling out that we were not nasty to her but we blocked it out. If you can understand what I am saying.

    I do this at work and just get on with doing my job. But the other Carers it drives them mad that the lady shouts all the time and at times they shout at her and I think this is unfair. I have even seen and heard the manager do that same thing shout at her. I am sorry but I dont think it is right for the manager to do that.

    I even heard the ladys SON shouting at her the other day, I so wasn't happy with that situation and the manager of the care home was sitting there saying NOTHING.

    WHAT would you all do if a lady like this was in a care home where you worked.

    I seem to be the only Carer that CAN talk to her without shouting, and I pride myself on that fact.
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  3. by   Disablednurse
    If the other care givers and the nurse manager shout back at her that is considered resident abuse. I don't know how they handle this in England, but her that is grounds for termination and loss of license and certificate. She is unable to control her yelling due to dementia, the staff are supposed to be able to control themselves. By not reporting the others that yell back at her you are just as guilty as they are, even if you don't yell.
  4. by   Care Assistant
    It sounds like the rules are different in the states, They sould be the same for Here in England as well. Thankyou for the reply.
  5. by   Rapheal
    I seem to be the only Carer that CAN talk to her without shouting, and I pride myself on that fact.

    You are doing a good job. I do not have any advice but I think you should be proud of yourself.
  6. by   Gator,SN
    Care Assistant,
    Pat yourself on the back! It is difficult to deal with this type of client on a daily basis but you are doing the right thing by remaining calm and advocating for the patient to be treated with dignity and respect. If I lost my freedom and my health I might yell all the time too~
  7. by   susanmary
    In addition to her forgetfullness/dementia -- does she have a hearing problem?
  8. by   Care Assistant
    No she does not have a heaing problem buit she cant see a lot. Poor lady I feel sorry for her.
  9. by   katscan
    You must be a saint. I know that I wouldn't be able to deal with this on a daily basis without it getting to me. I cannot imagine tuning out a screamer. I feel sorry for her, but I agree that if my mother was in the next bed I aould insist that something be done.After all, other residents have rights for good care they are paying for! Who else can rest or do anything for that matter with all the rucus going on.
  10. by   betts
    If shes at ease with you then try positive reinforcement by talking softly to her and acknowledging that she can be heard without shouting. Poor sight is a frightening experience and I've given residents stuffed animals which seems to ease this fear.
  11. by   CCURN
    Has she had her hearing checked out, usually people shout because they are hard of hearing and have trouble hearing their own voice. If her son shouts also, maybe he knows that she has that trouble. If they are both shouting out of anger etc, then it is abuse...............and the manager needs to talk to the resident and family........
  12. by   renerian
    Thank God I am not in that home as a fellow resident. I would ask to leave. Can they put her on a dementia unit? Still would drive me batty.

  13. by   Furball
    hahahaha...I thought you meant "resident" as in MD.
  14. by   rebel_red

    We have 3 residents on the same hall who scream incessantly. 2 are afraid. When asked why they are screaming they will verbalize thier fears. Sometimes we can "talk them down". We also have a "quiet room" low lighting, soft soothing music etc where you can take the resident and help them to feel relaxed, oftimes there is just too much stimulation for them in the common rooms. We may also take them to their rooms and put music on for them etc. All of this is on their careplan. When the intercessions mentioned above don't work.....they have prn anti anxiety meds ordered. This of course is the charge nurses decision. We must also have fulfilled all the alternate interventions prior to dispensing meds. (And of course it is also duly documented.) Is there anything on this resident's care plan in terms of intervention? One has to be careful because (at least in the states) just setting a screaming resident in a room is considered to be punitive, and is referred to as involuntary seclusion and constitutes neglect, in worse case scenarios abuse.

    Our other resident screams (its difficult to make out her words.) when the brief is soiled or she is thirsty, primarily to have physical needs met.

    You are doing really great with your resident. Keep finding that inner strength. She may not be able to verbalize it, but I'm sure your manner is a refreshing and affirming change for her.

    Good luck and let us know...