A deeper view of long term care and paying it forward - page 2

Leave it to me to write something sappy . . . lol. I really hate it when I get frustrated with long term care. If I go home frustrated and dreading the next day, I just feel so cold hearted and... Read More

  1. by   tattooednursie
    Wow! You all seem like amazingly compassionate people yourselves. I really do wish people who knew me know that I do actually have compassion in my heart. I'm NOT a smiley person by any means, but I do try to smile when the time is right . . . I just have always lacked the ability to do that all day.
    I did not think I would get this many replies (I really didn't expect any at all) So thank YOU!

    You all have a great holiday season.

  2. by   Jo Dirt
    I dont think there is a one of us who doesn't stop and remember this ever so often. I've felt disgusted with them then will look at this decrepit old man and remember he used to be someone's baby boy, just like my baby boy.

    Old age is sad.
  3. by   CapeCodMermaid
    I've been asked on more than one occasion "Why do you walk around the building always in a good mood and smiling when you have so much work and so much stress?" I tell them that no matter how bad MY day is, at least I get to go home at the end of the day and the residents don't. Why burden them with my bad mood or stress? That's what the office door is for....close it and be as mopey as you want, but once you're out on the floors, show that smile.
    We had a Christmas party for the families and residents. EVERY resident received a gift. It was a huge amount of work to plan and organize and transport and and and, but the looks on their faces when they opened their gifts made it all worth while.
    When I first started working in long term care I was full of energy and grand ideas. Some of the other nurses laughed at me for being a pollyanna. On Valentine's Day, I gave everyone of my 30 patients a valentine. One of the men started to cry (he was a mean,nasty old curmudgeon). I asked him what was wrong and he said "I'm 85 years old and this is the first valentine I ever received. I am truly thankful dear." I left his room with tears in my eyes and the knowledge that even a small act of kindness can be life changing for some people.