Georgia State University Spring 2015


Hey yall! Is anyone applying for the spring 2015 program? I haven't seen anything out there for it and I'm just curious what everyone's stats are!

I just turned my application in and I am so nervous! I have no clue how I'm going to wait a month to hear back! ?


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Hey, I'm also applying for GSU Spring 2015 Traditional option.

My Stats:

Program GPA: 3.35

TEAS: 78.7 (planning to retake)

My GPA is on the low side, but I talked with their advisor and they said as long as my TEAS is an 85, I should be good.


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Hey, I am applying as well for the ACE and Traditional option. I am so nervous. It is all I think about!

I am applying with a 3.65 GPA and an 82 on my TEAS. What were your scores like, Shannon?


By the way, do yall know why the application deadline was extended? I turned my application in on the 30th of September thinking that I was doing it soo last minute, only to come and see that it was extended.


HOpe to hear from yall!

I have a 3.69 gpa (3.75 science gpa) and an 82 on my teas. I'm only applying for the traditional program. Aero1 we have very similar stats!

I had no clue it was extended!! I wish I would have seen that because I would have loved to work on my essay a little more. I felt awful because I kept pushing it off until I absolutely had to do it.

I'm definitely feeling the nerves! I'm trying not to think about it. So will the extended application deadline push back when we find out whether we were accepted?


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Wow, your Science GPA is Great! Mine on the otherhand I believe is like a 3.5. But yea we are very similar. I heard some people say it was because there weren't enough applicants. But who knows. I think I am going to call tomorrow and ask them about that and I will let you know ok :-)

I also wish I could have worked on my essay more. It kind of got me mad when I saw that it was extended. It was definitely a last minute thing.

But anyways stay in contact ok girl!

Yes please let me know! If that is the reason I am 100% ok with it because that means less competition! Lol

I will, same for you. We have to stick together through this! Haha


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I just took the TEAS and got an 83.3. I hope it's good enough for the program. My science GPA is also a 3.5. Oh, the deadline has been extended to Oct. 15. Let's just say I was relieved of that :)


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Hey good job on your TEAS cheesemonster. :-)

Oh by the way you guys, I contacted the office and they said that since the deadline was extended, we have to now wait 4-6 weeks after October 15th. So GoodLuck to yall! I hope our TEAS and GPA are ok. I saw the statistics are lower now than what they were before


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So frustrating about it being extended!! That just makes the wait even longer:(

I applied traditional

GPA: 3.78

Science GPA: 4.0

TEAS: 90

Good Luck to everyone!

I know we're all going to be a little crazy with anticipation over these next couple of weeks


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Hey, that's good! You should get in easy.


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Hey everyone! Has anyone received any news yet???