Where did you do pre reqs?

  1. For those of you in GA and the ATL area, where did you complete your pre reqs?

    I want somewhere that offers evening courses since I work in the day.

    I know most technical colleges have evening courses
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  3. by   mimi2nurse
    Hey- Georgia Perimeter College is very affordable for the pre-req's.
    Good luck!
  4. by   JoJo_Ga_Girl
    Gainesville State College...affordable, flexible and an extremely well rounded school. Now I am headed to Emory!
  5. by   mimi2nurse
    Hey JoJo-

    I am considering Emory as well. I went to Emory the first time in college and here I am again thinking about their nursing program. When are you going to start? My first BA was in pschology and sociology, and I have been teaching for several years. I am just not sure how flexible Emory will be with my family schedule-2 kids and a morning teaching job. Any information you can share would be greatly appreciated!! you can p.m. me if you want!
  6. by   Olive Oyl
    I took my prereq's at Georgia Highlands College (it used to be Floyd College). They have campuses in Rome, Acworth, Marietta, and Cartersville. They also have evening, online, and DVD courses! (very affordable too I might add.)
  7. by   RwanRN2b
    I did mine at Chattahoochie Tech College. Its cheap and all pre-reqs transfer to the nursing programs around here
  8. by   kattunge
    I took some pre-reqs and re-take classes at Georgia Perimeter. No problem transferring them.

    Now in my second semester at Emory.